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Lantek paper machine energy saving and optimization technology exchange meeting and user discussion activities were successfully held

release date: 2 if such reasons are excluded, source: Chinese paper author: Tan Zhi

on September 5, the paper machine energy saving and optimization technology exchange meeting and user discussion activities hosted by Finland lantek Systems Co., Ltd. were successfully held in Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang Province, The event attracted nearly 200 people from the paper industry from all over the country. It played a driving role in it. The meeting was presided over by Yang Fenghui, President of lantek China

at the beginning of the event, Jukka Lehto, CEO of rantec, Finland, attended and delivered a speech

Wei Anbang, director of market development of lantek, explained in detail the technical services related to the optimization of lantek vacuum and dehydration system to the guests present

then, Wen Le, technical director of lantek China, explained the current actual cases of lantek in detail, and interacted with the on-site guests to answer questions face to face

a grand signing ceremony was also held at the scene. Chen Weiying, deputy general manager of Fujian Fuqing Youfa Industry Co., Ltd., signed a contract with lantek on the spot for the PM2 vacuum and dehydration system optimization and transformation project and the PM7 vacuum system new construction project. Fujian fushengyuan Paper Co., Ltd. has "on policy"; To fill the car rdquo; At the same time when the strategy became clearer, Chen Li, chairman of the company, signed a new tm11/tm12 vacuum system project with lantek on the spot, and Shi Cailian, chairman of Zhejiang Jinli, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with lantek on PM1, PM2, PM3, PM4, PM5, pm6, PM7, PM8 vacuum system audit and optimization services, such as an agreement

since its establishment in 1996, Finland rantec System Co., Ltd. has been specialized in providing various products and solutions for energy conservation and operational optimization for the pulp and paper industry, and has made outstanding contributions to paper machine audit, scheme formulation, product installation, commissioning, continuous optimization and services, and helping users to improve paper machine operability, reduce energy consumption, increase production capacity and reduce unit cost

it is understood that lantek and guests will also have in-depth discussions and exchanges around "process technology and services" in the next few days

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