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How about the new performance of sugar S20 candy translation 4gb+64gb in 2018? Start with the evaluation

sugar new recommendation: sugar S20 candy translation 4gb+64gb, what is the specific function of this hand (that is, the sample is constantly in the jaw, in the jaw, in the parallel section or out of the gauge) machine, and is it easy to use? Let's take a look at the configuration features and functions of this model as follows. I hope it can help friends who need it for reference and comparison

I. sugar S20 candy translation configuration features:

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ai translator voice translation/photo translation/offline translation/national language translation/104 languages

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Second, take a look at the configuration features in detail:

the new candy translation S20, which supports voice and photo translation in 104 languages, with a language accuracy of 98%, and has a 60million pixel mode to take photos of new high-performance plastic factories, so that you can safely enjoy a walk around the world trip. The front of the machine adopts the popular bangs elongation comprehensive screen with 2 effective digits, and the back adopts technology to realize the cool feeling of light and shadow jumping on the back, making this cool and dazzling

III. sugar S20 candy translation detailed configuration parameters:

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