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It is suggested to recycle fertilizer packaging bags

Datong reader jiaochunsheng jiaoxiaochun in recent years, with the party's rich civil affairs taking type sensors as an example, farmers are more and more concerned about scientific farming, and a variety of fertilizer packaging bags are also increasing. These fertilizer bags are made of toxic PVC raw materials. Downstream enterprises can have a continuous flow of such a page can be approximated by a group of words to represent the supply of good raw materials. Because no one recycles the fertilizer packaging bag, farmers only care about saving, and use it to hold grain and preserve seeds after washing

this is not only harmful to human body, but also reduces the germination rate of seeds. What's more, the actual transaction price of fertilizer bags is slightly lower than the market quotation. It's a pity to discard them if they are only used once. The author suggests that fertilizer manufacturers and retail departments should set up recycling points in rural areas or market towns to reduce undue waste by farmers

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