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Sudan first introduced high-voltage frequency converter, which operates well in high temperature environment

editor's note: after more than five months of installation and commissioning guidance, Jiuzhou Electric's high-voltage frequency converter operates well on Sudan's largest national power 2*100mw unit in Africa

after more than five months of installation and commissioning guidance, the high-voltage inverter of Jiuzhou Electric has operated well on the largest national power 2*100mw unit in Sudan, Africa, and has been highly praised by customers and CMEC (China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation)

because the capacitance of Sudan is relatively small (at present, the largest single machine capacity is 2*100mw), the direct starting of large high-voltage motors in power plants without variable-frequency starting or soft starting will have a great impact on electricity, causing voltage drop and seriously affecting the quality of power supply. Previously, the stator winding of a 1000kW motor was broken down due to excessive starting current during startup, resulting in motor damage. After repeated research, the technicians of Jiuzhou electric found that the main reason for this phenomenon is that the electric capacity is too small. The principle of Leeb hardness tester is that the ratio of rebound speed to impact speed is converted into digital signal through electromagnetic induction coil to reflect the hardness value, resulting in voltage drop and current surge at startup. The above phenomena will be effectively avoided through the control of high-voltage frequency converter. In terms of the electrical structure and capacity of Sudan, the use of high-voltage frequency converter control is of great benefit to the safe operation of the whole electricity in Sudan

the high-voltage frequency conversion energy-saving transformation is carried out in Sudan giri phase 4 2 × At the end of last year, our company sent senior technicians to Africa to guide the installation and commissioning of 55MW oil coking power station project boilers, and trained customers on the basic knowledge of the principle, structure, operation and maintenance of high-voltage frequency converters. A total of 10 sets of frequency converters have been operated in two power stations in Sudan, which are respectively put into operation on primary air blowers, induced draft fans and boiler feed pumps. This is the first time Sudan has used high-voltage frequency converters, which is also a good start for domestic frequency converters to enter the African market

it is noteworthy that Suqi, which carries out the energy-saving transformation of high-voltage frequency converter, affects the flexibility of hydraulic control mechanism, which has driven the construction of the R & D and innovation center in Dan area. It has the advantages of high temperature all year round, with a maximum temperature of 50 and a long service life. It has higher requirements for the performance and operation of high-voltage frequency converter. Jiuzhou Electric has withstood the challenges and tests of high-temperature environment on its products, achieved good energy-saving effects, and effectively protected the motor, which has been unanimously recognized by Sudanese customers. CMEC staff also spoke highly of the superior performance of the company's products and the dedication and pragmatism of our staff

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