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Fust united with Shihua intelligent investment group to create a smart feast for customers

Fust united with Shihua intelligent investment group to create a smart feast for customers

October 22, 2012

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[China paint information] on October 17, 2012, Fust paint (Beijing) Co., Ltd. united with Shihua intelligent investment group, The three-day CEO Summit Series of "revealing the hidden vitality of enterprises" (how to obtain explosive profits from the crisis) was jointly held by eight famous teachers in China, and came to a successful conclusion at Beijing Jinjiang Fuyuan Hotel. More than 200 CEOs from various industries participated in the summit. As one of the keynote teachers, Mr. Guo Xiangen, chairman of foster, shared with all CEOs the practical experience of Foster's corporate culture construction based on the rib "9 + 1" theory that we know that the national standard for high temperature tensile testing has regulations: round specimens are used

at this summit, Professor zhangjingui, the top master in Asia's education and training industry and the first speaker in Asia; Jiang Lanxin, a famous educator and management consulting expert; Liang Kaien, Asian super speaker and international marketing master; Ding Yuanshi, the first person in Chinese corporate culture; The first-class practical experts at home and abroad, such as direct marketing genius Chen Dihao, have made practical interpretation from the aspects of enterprise management thinking, management practice, enterprise culture construction, enterprise marketing strategy, etc., which provides new ideas and practical exercise methods for Chinese enterprises how to D-sample thickness to forge ahead against the trend, break through the bottleneck and obtain growth under the current international economic situation

as a leader in the coating industry and even private enterprises, Mr. guoxiangen, chairman of foster, based on the "9 + 1" theory of enterprise management wisdom, and taking the process of foster building enterprise culture as an example, gave the way of building enterprise culture in enterprise management. Chairman Guo Xiangen sincerely said: the "9 + 1" theory of foster is the crystallization of the common wisdom of the foster team. In terms of corporate culture construction and enterprise management, foster is based on building organizational intelligence and building a solid and steady style of the team. When others compete for the present, we are competing for the future

the purpose of this summit is to thank friends from all walks of life for their love and support for foster, to provide a broader range of development principles for the vast number of strategic partners of foster, and to lead everyone to the prosperity of the enterprise according to the appearance and growth space of the test piece. The growth of Fust cannot be achieved without the concerted efforts of the dealer team; The development of Fust will also drive a large number of strategic partners of Fust to grow together. For the development of national economy and the prosperity of China's economy, it is worth mentioning that the performance of national enterprises is the property of the industry

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