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Suggestions on the construction of information system support system

I. application and distribution of information system

1. Distribution management system

at present, the company uses the interlink distribution king of XXXX company to build the company's distribution management system. After two years of implementation and application, the distribution system has been applied to the company's marketing and production procurement, mainly for the order decomposition and production orders of the business department, and some factory departments also have applications, Through observation over a period of time, it is found that many functional modules have been misapplicated. In addition, after the company enters into systematic management, it must integrate and apply the distribution system with production, finance and other systems. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the system, and pay attention to system compatibility and data interaction in the process of integration

the distribution system of modern enterprises often includes many functions, such as distribution store management, logistics and fund management, data collection and analysis, customer and member management, etc. Therefore, the company still has many functions to be implemented. At the same time, according to the actual needs of the company, it is still possible to add and enhance the functions and modules of the distribution management system

2. Production and material management system

the current production management of the company mainly relies on the early self-developed production distribution and piece work wage management procedures, and thus establishes the corresponding business operation process. With the continuous development of the company's business, this system has been unable to meet all the needs of the company's production management. Therefore, the storage, production billing, and accounts payable in the current production management have been taken over by the K3 system under implementation. From the perspective of management development, if the company wants to integrate the whole management in the future, it must establish a good interactive platform for several systems

3. Office and internal communication platform

(1) office platform: establish a unified one-stop internal office platform for the management and coordination of the company's daily office and administrative affairs. In line with the current organizational structure and administrative processes of the enterprise management department, I think it is necessary to directly cooperate with the establishment of an office platform with complete functions, especially the automation of workflow, which should be supported as much as possible. See another report "suggestions on selection of office system" for specific office system functions and instructions

(2) internal communication: in addition to the internal SMS and e-mail functions provided by the office platform, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the company, the company should establish a three-dimensional internal communication mechanism, including internal line, OA Wizard (office platform tools), enterprise mailbox, etc. if possible, it should also establish communication tools such as video and conference based on remote needs. Comprehensively improve the current situation of inconvenient communication of the company. For the description of the company's information system and network structure, see the article "07 work plan"

4. Financial and administrative management system

at present, the company uses two sets of software in finance, namely UFIDA U8 financial software and Golden Disc K3 system. In addition to normal finance, such as a/P and a/R, Golden Disc K3 system will also include other functions such as procurement, warehousing, manpower and so on. As a result, the functions of kingpin and K3 intersect, and go their own way. Therefore, in the follow-up collation, it is necessary to integrate several information systems to ensure the unity, timeliness and accuracy of the data chain

II. Information system demand analysis

1. Stable and safe procedures and data storage services

whether it is distribution or financial and production management, it is required to have a stable and safe data storage environment. At present, the system databases listed above are based on MS SQL Server2000. At the same time, as these systems play an increasingly important role and become the company's key business systems, their requirements for data security are also increasing, According to the current situation of IT technology application, a set of three-dimensional data storage structure with redundancy, copy and hot backup should be established to ensure the normal operation of the system and the safety and stability of data

in such a storage system, we can ensure the high-quality operation of the database system and deal with most system failures, such as machine expansion, system crash, key hardware damage, disk damage, etc. However, no matter what kind of insurance system architecture, the deterioration of the operating environment may still cause accidental damage. Therefore, the air quality and temperature in the system room should be guaranteed first

after establishing a hardware environment that can be guaranteed as much as possible, the prevention and treatment of fault phenomena have become the main means of daily management. For example, you should check the running status of the server every day, check the system log regularly, and develop good working habits

2. Data backup and redundancy

no matter how good the operating environment and hardware conditions, there is no corresponding supporting management method, and it cannot play its due role. As the service support of the company's key business system, "a BMW I3 whose body structure and frame are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has attracted many people to visit. The network room needs 1. The reception method of universal tensile testing machine to establish a set of matching management and maintenance rules, otherwise everything will be in vain. An excellent computer room manager should check the running status of the server every day, check the system and security log at most once a week, patch the system, and establish a disk consumption chart. All the work can occupy more than half of the working energy of an ordinary technician. Therefore, special personnel should be responsible

III. suggestions and analysis

to sum up, the construction of information system and its supporting facilities should be strengthened from the following aspects

1. Server and storage: basically, we use dual computer hot standby or server cluster as the application server, and disk array or professional storage as the storage server

2. Access control of network medical operation management: establish file servers and internal network management servers with perfect permissions, refine user permissions, clarify network access control rules, and use technical means to eliminate the existence of IP occupation, internal agents, work games, superior and other undesirable phenomena. At the same time, transactional management integrates network authority approval into the company's internal management system as a part of human resources workflow

3. Data security and backup: redundant structure of the system, "Minimize the possibility of service interruption and data loss caused by disk failure in Xinjiang; establish shadow copies for file services, save the progress regularly, and ensure the storage safety of document data; use software and processes to establish a backup mechanism for SQL, folders and other data, and ensure the possibility of data recovery after data loss through long-term incremental and regular full backups.

4. System permissions and user management: such as If possible, try to establish a domain mode management within the company, and uniformly manage the users and permissions of all company computers, so as to effectively ensure the security of and data within the company. At the same time, through effective user management, we can better cooperate with the human resources department to timely control and recover the accounts and access rights of resigned employees, and effectively prevent the leakage of company secrets. The company has unified user rights and management, which will also provide more support for process sorting. Therefore, we should form the internal servers of the company into server groups or clusters, establish domain mode controllers, cooperate with file servers, mail servers and office systems, establish an efficient and convenient employee office platform, and improve the work efficiency of employees on the premise of strengthening the management of the company

IV. progress and budget analysis: omitted (company related information)

v. management and maintenance rules: omitted (company related management) (end)

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