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A week's market list of polyester in Shengze Jiaxing (3.24-3.30)

on Monday, the price trend except that polyester DTY in Shengze has been a big textile factory has increased by 100 yuan/ton, and some varieties of POY have increased by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the quotation of polyester poy100d/144f is at the ex factory price of 12900, and Taicang has slightly increased polyester poy100d/144f by 50 yuan/T. On Tuesday, due to the high settlement price of polyester chips, the transaction price of some chip spinning increased slightly. For example, the price of 50d/24f was raised to 14300 yuan/t. Tongxiang polyester quotation generally has a tentative increase of 50 yuan/ton; In Taicang, the conventional POY has also increased slightly. At present, the mainstream quotation of poy150/48 is around 12650. A spinning factory in Wuxi also increased slightly by 50 yuan/t, for example, the mainstream 63d/24f price in the market was increased to 13600 yuan/t. On Wednesday, Shengze textile Co., Ltd. has raised some varieties of POY by 100 yuan/t. On Thursday and Friday, the polyester market sales atmosphere was relatively light, and there was resistance to the shipment of Shengze local spinning manufacturers, and the price remained stable. On Saturday (March 29), in addition to the price hike of FDY and some coarse denier specification silk in Shengze textile factory, Liugang lowered the price by 30 yuan/ton, and the overall price trend has not changed significantly compared with the previous days. On Sunday, the ex factory price of Youguang FDY was increased for all textile pieces

the trend of market varieties was chaotic this week, and polyester dealers were still cautious. Shengze and Jiaxing have entered a "consolidation period" of price, that is, the cost and quality trading volume of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics (PPC) is weak compared with last week, especially in the second half of the week, showing a "shrinking" market trend

according to the market dynamics, FDY fine denier market demand is acceptable. Due to the booming production and sales of warp knitted velvet, fdy68d and 75D are relatively dynamic; Fdy68d18f, 68d/48f fine denier products on the market. The sales of FDY bright silk 50D is acceptable, while the trading volume of FDY bright silk 75D continues to rise, mainly due to the production of bright short plush on warp knitting machines. The current prices of Dayou Guangsi 108D and 150D are 13300 yuan/t and 13000 yuan/t respectively. Among them, Dayou Guangsi 108D is quite marketable and is used to produce polyester beautiful silk. The market condition of POY silk is sluggish. The sales of POY textured silk are good, especially for coarse silk above 150D, but the sales of POY used for splicing are weak. 50D and 75D barely move around. At present, the market transaction prices are 12600 yuan/t and 12500 yuan/t. The market quotations of DTY conventional 75D, 100D and 150D are 15100 yuan/t, 14100 yuan/t and 13500 yuan/t respectively. Due to the reduction of market transactions, the price has basically not changed, but some Taicang conventional products have been reduced by yuan/ton. Recently, the frequency of DTY coil shipments has accelerated, and the price trend is stable. Among them, dty75d/36f, which was in the early stage of weak sales, has increased the demand for downstream warp knitting machines this week; Dty75d black silk is relatively smooth, which is mainly due to the fact that many businesses turn to domestic sales in order to obtain supply and demand, and the downstream black silk jacquard series are popular. After a week, the production and sales rate of chemical fiber manufacturers in Shengze area is general, and the production and sales rate of chip spinning factories is generally about%, compared with that of direct spinning factories, the production and sales rate is slightly better

from the analysis of the current market situation: the market of PTA and chips, the previous raw materials of polyester, fell slightly, the downstream cloth market price was difficult to increase, the profit space of downstream side and lining products was on the edge of loss, and the current price of polyester was more cautious. Therefore, the overall market of polyester next week will probably be dominated by a weak "disk" operation, and it does not rule out a slight correction of unsalable varieties

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