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Shengtong Co., Ltd. won the title of "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise"

release date: Source: Securities Times

on October 17, Shengtong Co., Ltd. announced that the company received the honorary title of "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise in Beijing Economic and technological Development Zone" the previous day, which was issued by the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

the announcement shows that in order to accelerate the construction of the "made in China 2025" demonstration zone in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the development zone to intelligent manufacturing, improve quality and efficiency, the enterprise development service bureau of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone organized the selection of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises in the Development Zone in 2019. After the application of the company, the preliminary review of the third party and the review of experts, it is decided to award the above title to the company

at the 2019 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise licensing ceremony and experience exchange meeting held on October 16, in addition to the above titles, the company's "Shengtong publishing service cloud platform project" was also selected as the smart manufacturing pilot demonstration project in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

according to the introduction, the "Shengtong publishing service cloud platform project" selected this time is a publishing service cloud platform built with the cultural publishing industry as the main service object and using advanced technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, etc. on the basis of mining and aggregating the printing needs and changing trends of book products of publishing institutions, it integrates and optimizes production capacity, and uses digital technology for unified production scheduling and quality monitoring, Carry out standardized production, meet the production needs of publishing institutions, effectively simplify the book production process, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs

at present, Shengtong shares has five production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei and Tianjin. The scrap market rose steadily on the 8th, involving many industry segments such as publication printing, packaging printing and commercial printing. The "Shengtong publishing service cloud platform project" has connected Shengtong Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other intelligent production centers, and 4 Please check the reflection of the photoelectric sensor before the experiment. There is a full platform information sharing mode of production, sales, supply chain, quality and finance, which has become the collaborative manufacturing of Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei and Shanghai

in the future, the cloud platform will continue to be developed, and its external will realize the interconnection of customers, suppliers and associated enterprises in the printing industry chain; Internally, through enterprise informatization and equipment intellectualization, realize the interconnection of internal resources, intelligent equipment, information systems and people; Finally, through internal and external interconnection, it will eventually develop into a "smart interconnection factory"

in 2019, Shengtong put forward the development strategy of building "China's leading comprehensive quality education group", and actively promoted the transformation from a traditional printing and publishing service enterprise to a comprehensive quality education group. In the first half of 2019, Shengtong Co., Ltd. passed the C9 domestic independent evaluation system of the China Academy of Printing Science and technology, obtained the C9 qualification certificate, and was selected as the "Beijing publication printing service capital core function key guarantee enterprise" (only 22 enterprises can be selected by the majority of users in the selection process in combination with their own conditions); In the "top 100 printing and packaging enterprises in China in 2019" released by the magazine "Printing Manager", Shengtong shares ranked 20th in the country, with an increase in ranking compared with last year. It ranked 4th in load sensor force measurement, microcomputer display experimental force and experimental curve

Shengtong said that in the future, the company's publishing comprehensive service business will unswervingly follow the development path of "digitalization, greening, standardization and intellectualization" to promote industrial upgrading

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