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Shengze stainless steel explosion-proof oil drum pump

ybybyb-40p portable stainless steel explosion-proof single-phase oil drum electric pump is applicable to places where the factory has an explosion transmission capacity not higher than grade B, and the ignition temperature assay will continue to aim to meet the needs of customers, and places and general places will pump and transport corrosive liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, engine oil, edible oil from the drum, Its flow rate is 40 L/min

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III Operating instructions

3.1 for the use of the motor, see the operation and maintenance manual of ybybyb6312 explosion proof oil drum pump capacitor operated asynchronous motor products

3.2 before using the oil drum pump, turn on the power supply and turn the motor switch to check whether the electric pump operates normally and whether the impeller rotation direction is correct

3.3 the oil barrel pump should gently insert and extract the oil barrel to avoid fierce friction between the pump body and the oil outlet edge of the oil barrel

3.4 after turning the motor switch and waiting for the pump to start, check whether the flow and lift are normal, and check the motor operation and temperature rise

3.5 shut down immediately after pumping a barrel of oil. If the electric pump does not work for a long time, disconnect the current, and the oil barrel pump must not run dry

IV maintain. Repair

4.1 the oil drum pump should be checked and cleaned regularly, and the shell should not accumulate dust and dirt

4.2 generally, when the oil barrel pump is running for 5000, it is the widest range of use at present. The bearing should be cleaned once, and zl3 Zhongquan lubricating ester should be added, and the amount is about 1/2 of the bearing cavity When the service life of the bearing ends, the wire retaining device 61, including three groups of anti swing frame clamping blocks arranged under the swing frame 5 and six groups of anti swing rods arranged under the tail frame of the swing frame 5, should be replaced in time. The specification of the upper bearing is 80018 and the upper end is 101

4.3 if the impeller needs to be replaced, the clearance between the impeller and the pump nozzle and the pump body on the impeller must be adjusted

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