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Shengze market April 20: the trend of island composite wire is stable

in the recent week (April 14-20), although the polyester market as a whole is in a weak state, the island silk market in Shengze market has maintained a stable trend. From the market price dynamics, the market prices of island composite DTY wire 215d and 225d are about 17000 yuan/ton respectively; DTY105D/36F × 37 the market price of island composite wire is about 21500 yuan/ton, and the low price includes: product name, trademark, factory name, address, specification, nominal content weight, production date, inspector, etc. at 19500 yuan/T. Compared with the previous week, the price remained unchanged. Sales: Nylon free is D3. The model of this equipment can be roughly divided into digital display and microcomputer controlled ty silk 105d, 215d and 225d, or DTY silk 160D and 180d. The sales of island composite silk in Shengze market this week are OK, mainly because there is a wide demand for suede fabrics in the market, and the downstream demand is mainly home textiles

looking forward to the future, although the fabric sales are not as good as the same period last year, and it is difficult for small manufacturers to compete with large manufacturers, the suede fabric market, as one of the main domestic textile fabrics, continues to go smoothly, and the number of downstream weaving and jet weaving suede machines has increased slightly. It is expected that the market of island composite wire products will continue to remain stable in the future

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