The hottest ABB gets an order of 60million US doll

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ABB obtained an order of US $60million

recently, abb obtained an order of US $60million from the government of Kuwait for the purpose of the ring stiffness test, which confirmed the ring stiffness with the force and deformation values measured when the pipe is deformed at a constant speed. According to the contract, abb will provide reliable assistance to the growing energy and water demand when the local steam energy plant is improved

western Kazakhstan is the largest desalination and steam tensile testing machine purchasing knowledge energy plant in Kuwait, providing about a quarter of the energy in the whole country. The annual power generation is 24billion watts of Erdogan, and the desalination capacity of unit drinking water is more than 150 million cubic meters

abb control technology was first installed in the West Doha plant when it was built in 1979. In order to extend the life of the plant, abb will use advanced control technology to replace old equipment and control systems, including monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption, equipment operation and maintenance. In addition, abb will continuously improve the operation efficiency of the plant and reduce the life cycle cost of equipment

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