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ABB circuit breaker authentic Taizhou dealer

abb circuit breaker authentic Taizhou dealer

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abb circuit breaker authentic Taizhou dealer. Taizhou Wankong Electric Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Meilan Rilan Electric Group (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and hangshen Electric Co., Ltd. in Taizhou. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R & D and production of high and low voltage electrical products and complete sets of switchgear. Improving the research and development of lighting distribution box in China's scientific and technological enterprises has become one of the key points for the development of lighting distribution box industry. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of complete sets of electrical equipment, Taizhou Wankong Electric Co., Ltd. has set an example in independent innovation. Taking the research and development of prefabricated perforated plastic tiles with high flexural and tensile strength using North Korean raw materials and technologies as an example, the enterprise has not only delivered a number of high-end non-standard lighting distribution box equipment, As well as several sets of ordinary terminal lighting distribution box equipment, which have caused great repercussions in the industry

among them, the mid-range lighting distribution box equipment is widely used in public places, which plays a positive role in improving the product efficiency of this industry, and also helps users' high-quality products successfully enter the international market. The development of China's lighting distribution box industry is an indispensable part to promote China to become a big trading country. In 2014, with the gradual improvement of the world economic situation, China will have more and more lighting distribution box equipment on the stage of the international market and gradually join the ranks of international competition

the sealing ring of the distribution box is * at this time, the dew point temperature is -3 ℃ for protection, and the sealing ring plays a very important role in protecting the protection grade of the waterproof distribution box. For a long time, the continuity of the degree of protection depends on the characteristics of the sealing ring. Fix the sealing ring in the correct position. EPDM material plays a protective role in resisting most of the widely used chemicals because of its excellent chemical corrosion resistance. However, the chemical corrosion resistance of the sealing ring also varies greatly according to its material, so it is an effective method to confirm the effect by allowing the chemical composition to react directly with the sealing ring as required

in the face of such development opportunities as manufacturing industry reform brought about by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, demand expansion and institutional change brought about by urbanization, the industry needs to follow the guidelines of "structural optimization, innovation driven, quality first and green development" to promote China's distribution box from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. With the joint efforts of all colleagues in the industry, the distribution box industry has achieved healthy and sustainable development

there is a big gap between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises in terms of manufacturing level. Compared with foreign countries, the level of materials and technology in China is backward. For example, engineering plastics, contact materials, bimetallic materials, magnetic materials, conductive materials, elastic materials, vacuum materials and varistors used in the manufacture of distribution boxes are far behind foreign companies in terms of material variety, accuracy and performance consistency. The research on process and manufacturing technology is seriously insufficient. There is a large gap between the manufacturing process and key equipment of key parts and components and foreign countries, which can not meet the requirements of mass production of new products, affecting the improvement of product quality and reliability of distribution box

acceptance: after power transmission and no-load operation for 24h, there is no abnormal phenomenon, the acceptance formalities shall be handled, and it shall be handed over to the construction unit for use. At the same time, technical data such as change negotiation records, product certificates, instructions, test reports, etc. shall be submitted

1. The altitude of the distribution box is generally required to be 1000m or below, which can ensure the normal operation of the box type substation

2. The ambient temperature it adapts to is generally between -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, so as to ensure the stable operation of all components of the box type substation

3. Generally, the wind speed shall not exceed 35m/s.

4 The relative humidity of air shall not exceed 90

5 Seismic horizontal acceleration: not more than 0.4m/s, vertical acceleration: not more than 0.2m/s

6. There shall be no conductive dust and corrosive, flammable and explosive hazardous substances harmful to metals and insulators. It is beneficial to ensure the external safety of box type substation

7. There shall be no violent vibration at the installation site, and the vertical gradient shall not be greater than 3 degrees. To facilitate the stability of the distribution box in the power station

the industry will also actively lead the distribution box industry to scientifically and effectively carry out reliability work in the development of intelligent manufacturing and the implementation of reliability improvement projects. Through the research and Analysis on the reliability technology of electrical appliances and systems in different stages of design, manufacturing, test, installation and use, the research on the reliability design method, reliability manufacturing process, applicability test and evaluation, fault analysis and correction and other technologies is carried out, and the product reliability database of distribution box is gradually established to lay the foundation for the full realization of reliability engineering of distribution box. Through industry guidance, engineering demonstration The implementation of the standard carried out the construction of reliability system engineering, comprehensively improved the overall reliability level of distribution boxes and the coordination of department work, and improved the manufacturing level of supporting electrical boxes with policies and measures

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