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Abb, the world's leading relay protection product, has been put into production in China

to ensure that the latest materials come from renewable non food products and technologies to meet the needs of the Chinese market

on May 22, 2006, Shanghai, China - ABB, the world's leading power and automation technology group, today announced that its latest ied670 series relay protection products have begun formal production in Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. The production line will be synchronized with abb in Europe. ABB ied670 series relay protection products will be mainly supplied to China and surrounding markets

abb senior managers discuss the substation system business, starting from the left: Ni side, John reckleff, tanshanli, Jan bugge

the ied670 series relay protection products produced by Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. are the latest relay protection product series designed and manufactured in full accordance with IEC61850 substation communication standards, mainly including line differential protection, transformer protection, bus protection, measurement and monitoring devices, etc

"abb is one of the founders of the latest Substation Automation Standard IEC 61850 in the world. Ied670 series relay protection PEF also has greater polarity than other materials. The products are designed and manufactured in full accordance with this standard," Mr. tanshanli, head of ABB China Power System Department, pointed out: "The implementation and popularization of IEC61850 substation communication standard will further improve the operation and management level of China's power system when the testing machine has a short circuit, and help China's power users maximize investment efficiency."

this is also the first time that ABB's high-voltage relay protection products have been set up outside Sweden. Mr. bogeyang, head of ABB's China substation system, pointed out: "in order to make the latest relay protection product production line better serve Chinese users, abb has chosen to build its production base in the East China power region, which is familiar and economically developed. In this region, Shanghai is the best choice in terms of city size, human resources and its important position in East China power."

abb relay protection products have always occupied a leading position in the industry in ensuring reliable power supply and helping customers improve power efficiency. ABB has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field of relay protection and integrated automation in China. Its products are distributed in major power generation, transmission and distribution fields such as 500kV hub substation, the left bank power station of the Three Gorges project, Zhejiang Qinshan nuclear power station, etc. there is no doubt about it, and in industries such as PetroChina, petrochemicals, papermaking, pharmaceutical, etc

mats v. Peterson presented the electromechanical overcurrent relay manufactured by ABB 1924 in Sweden to CNAUS at the launch ceremony of new products, Mr. ruilifu, the person in charge of substation automation products of ABB group, said: "the settlement of the latest relay protection product production line in Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. is also an important decision and investment in ABB's power system equipment localization development strategy. ABB hopes to provide customers with all-round support for localized applications, technologies, projects and services through the most effective localized production."

so far, nearly 1000 ied670 products have been delivered for use in the world. Chemical giant Praxair and Harbin power station group will become the first batch of users of ied670 series relay protection products produced by Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd

abb is a global leader in power and automation technology. It is committed to providing solutions to customers in the industrial and power industries to help customers improve performance and reduce adverse impacts on the environment. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 104000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including manufacturing, R & D, sales and services. In China, abb has more than 8500 employees, 25 sole proprietorships and joint ventures, and sales and service networks in 30 cities across the country. For more information, please visit:

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