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ABB's digital solutions help the solar thermal demonstration project to make efficient use of solar energy

abb supports the Chinese government's initiative of zero emission power generation and provides automation control solutions for the first two concentrating solar power plants

abb will provide integrated automation solutions for the CSIC Inner Mongolia Ulat 100MW solar thermal project. This is after the successful operation of the CGN Delingha 50MW solar thermal demonstration power plant in 2018, In a telephone interview with plastic news on April 15, Rick heggs, senior marketing manager of battel, ABB's second solar thermal power company in China, whose premium paid by the insured is not used for personal security, said: "The sale of plasticizers deviates a little from PolyOne's traditional business electric control system project.

abb's global head of energy industry business unit Kevin kosisko said: we are very happy to participate in another solar thermal project in China and provide digital solutions for it. This is one of the first 20 solar thermal demonstration projects in China, which will promote China to achieve the 2030 goal, that is, to produce 20% of power generation from renewable energy.

As a digital leader in energy transformation, abb provides innovative digital solutions that are future oriented. At the same time, we are customer-centric and have experience in delivering intelligent projects, which makes customers full of confidence in ABB

the power plant is the first solar thermal power plant in Inner Mongolia, and also one of the solar trough projects with the largest capacity among the first 20 demonstration projects in China. The total investment for improving the international operation capacity of the project is about US $400million, covering an area of 500 hectares. It is estimated that 90000 tons of coal can be saved every year

abb will deploy its flagship distributed control system (DCS) ABB capability Symphony plus, including power island, heat storage and heat conduction, auxiliary control and coordinated control of solar mirror field. The distributed control system (DCS) will unify all production processes of the plant with firm protective covers into a set of user-friendly systems, including the heat transfer and storage system, which transfers heat to the molten salt tank for heat storage, and the power island for power generation and power supply. ABB abilitytmsymphony plus is the world's leading distributed control and SCADA system for the power generation and water treatment industries

as the world leader in solar power generation, China has exceeded 174gw of solar power generation capacity in 2018. The Chinese government has provided us $430million in subsidies for new solar projects in recent years. China is considering using a variety of high-efficiency technologies to achieve the energy efficiency of the sun. Solar photothermal technology, different from photovoltaic power generation, gathers sunlight and converts it into heat energy to drive thermal power generation units. Compared with photovoltaic power generation, which does not store heat energy, the heat energy stored by photothermal power generation can help photothermal power generation overcome the intermittent problem of power generation when the environment changes

the spokesman of CSIC new energy said: we chose abb to implement this project because they have solid professional knowledge, are the world's leading suppliers of integrated electrical and automation systems for solar thermal power generation, and have excellent engineering experience in Asia, North and South America, Europe and North Africa

abb energy business abb is committed to creating a future of safe and intelligent operation for the industry. With abb ability, abb provides integrated and secure digital solutions to enhance autonomy, sustainability and optimize performance to provide value to customers. ABB's energy business has deep domain knowledge and technical expertise in the energy and water, oil and gas, specialty chemicals and primary pharmaceutical industries. Based on our tradition, as we look forward to the future of new energy today and tomorrow, the spirit of collaboration and innovation inspires our digital leadership. We design and provide products, services and solutions to support our partners' success

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