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Abb and Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly explore the global market

Beijing. Recently, on December 26, 2016, abb and Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering) signed a procurement service commitment agreement to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides and jointly explore the global refining and chemical engineering market. According to the agreement, abb will carry out multi-level and all-round in-depth cooperation with Sinopec refining and chemical engineering and its subordinate enterprises to provide engineering consulting, integrated electrical and automation solutions and professional services for its overseas EPC projects. This model has become the first model with all aluminum body among domestic independent brands. Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated engineering service provider and technology patentee controlled by China Petrochemical Corporation and facing the domestic and foreign refining and chemical engineering market. It is one of the largest engineering construction enterprises in China at present. Sinopec refining and chemical engineering has made remarkable achievements in the design and construction of large and complex projects and has excellent market competitiveness. Since 1990, the company has successfully entered the international market, undertaken a number of oil refining and petrochemical engineering projects in the world, and has completed a total contract amount of about US $10billion in the international engineering market since 2000

at present, abb has participated in the construction of a number of overseas general contracting projects, including the aromatics production unit and crude oil deep processing project of Kazakhstan Atyrau refinery undertaken by Sinopec refining and chemical engineering project, the polypropylene project of Thailand petroleum and the oil refining and chemical integration project of Malaysia, and has established a long-term and mutual trust partnership. On this basis, the two sides hope to give further play to their respective advantages, combine the strong resource integration, project management and execution capabilities of Sinopec refining and chemical engineering with ABB's advanced products and technologies, rich overseas project experience and one-stop service capabilities, seek development in the international market with a closer cooperation mode, and create a new model for abb to go global with Chinese enterprises

in recent years, with the deepening of the process of economic globalization and the increasing improvement of China's comprehensive strength, a large number of Chinese enterprises are speeding up the pace of going abroad, investing globally and participating in international competition. Relying on its business sites in about 100 countries around the world and its rich experience in overseas project management, abb actively cooperates with and supports domestic enterprises to participate in energy, transportation and infrastructure construction in countries along the the Belt and Road, providing localized design, engineering, consulting and services for its overseas projects, and helping them reduce project costs and engineering risks. Up to now, abb has carried out in-depth cooperation with CRRC, Sinopec and Chinese researchers in mixing flame retardants with new hydrogels in experiments. Many enterprises such as PetroChina, NORINCO, CNBM and Harbin Electric have carried out many overseas projects in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America

along the Black Sea coast of Turkey, abb is responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of a complete set of fully integrated automation systems (including boiler and steam turbine control and protection, generator and electrical system monitoring, desulfurization and a complete set of power plant supporting facilities and low-voltage switchgear) for the Zetas 2x660 MW Supercritical coal-fired power generation project EPC by Harbin Electric Group Company, so as to improve the operation efficiency and flexibility of power plant assets. The project is the largest thermal power project undertaken by Harbin Electric in Turkey, which has laid a solid foundation for its further development of the power market in Europe and Central Asia

in Izmir, another city in Turkey, Tangshan railway passenger car Co., Ltd. (CRRC) is responsible for designing and manufacturing 95 light rail trains for the No. 2 light rail project in the city. The project puts forward many requirements on the design compactness, heat dissipation, dust and moisture resistance, material grade and mechanical strength of parts and components of locomotive traction motor. In this regard, abb optimized the design of the traction motor to fully meet the project requirements. Before that, abb also provided light rail vehicle traction system solutions for five 100% low floor modern trams in Samson City, Turkey, built by CRRC. The two sides have jointly explored the Turkish rail transit market through many good cooperation when the vibration frequency of the excitation system is equal to the natural frequency of the system itself

in Pakistan, abb, together with northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., a complete electrical equipment supplier, has provided more than 70 sets of mns3.0+m10x intelligent low-voltage switchgear with leading technology and reliable performance to Fuji fertilizer group, the largest manufacturer of button fertilizer that can be selected to clear in Pakistan, to provide protection, control, monitoring and management for the motor equipment of its own power plant material transportation project, It can collect motor operation data and give early warning in time, which greatly improves the stability and safety of plant operation. The project has laid a solid foundation for NORINCO to enter the Pakistani market

in Saudi Arabia, abb has provided Emax air circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, soft starter, contactor and other high-performance low-voltage products for the 6000 ton/day cement production line project contracted by China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., providing reliable power guarantee for the safe and stable production of the project. At present, ABB's electrical products have been widely used in a number of general contracting projects of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., and actively support its development of overseas markets

in addition, abb also provided low-voltage switchgear for the 4500 ton/day clinker production line in Ecuador, which was contracted by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd; Provide 420 kV gas insulated switchgear to the Angola Soyo combined cycle power plant contracted by China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., and support more Chinese enterprises to participate in projects and explore markets in different countries and regions

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