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ABB Group has launched a "five-year strategy" to expand its business in China. China, as one of the most important emerging markets, has always been the market that abb focuses on

fang Qin, President of ABB North Asia and China, said during the power world event held in Beijing that ABB's business in China is developing rapidly. In the next five years, we will continue to increase investment in talents and technology in China

from November 23 to 24, ABB Group held a power world activity with innovation and cooperation as the theme in Beijing, including a large-scale exhibition combining power and automation technology, 60 technology forums and a summit theme forum, covering the development of advanced technologies in the fields of power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as high-speed development fields such as smart electricity and new energy. ABB group also demonstrated its full range of leading intelligent electrolysis solutions

fang Qin, President of ABB North Asia and China, said in his speech that smart power has brought great opportunities for building a low-carbon power transmission system. The demand to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fossil fuel consumption means that more distributed power generation, more renewable energy power generation such as wind power and solar energy, and a two-way power that can receive and transmit reliable power are required

it is understood that in the 1950s, abb took the lead in inventing high voltage direct current (HVDC) 5 The preparation technology of new materials for cultural relics protection has become an important technology for smart electricity to realize new energy access after continuous development. HVDC technology is also an example of ABB's disruptive innovation. In China, abb has applied this technology to the construction of many west to East power transmission projects, including the construction of three UHV DC transmission lines Xiangjiaba Shanghai, Jinping Sunan and Nuozhadu Guangdong. Among them, the Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV transmission line, which was put into use in july2010, is the world's first UHV DC transmission line and the transmission line with the longest transmission distance (more than 2000 kilometers) and the largest transmission capacity (6400 MW) in the world. The other two lines are still under construction. After completion, the three lines will deliver clean power to about 90million people in China. The power consumption reduced by the application of ultra-high voltage DC, an advanced technology, can meet the power demand of 3million people

youkel, executive vice president of ABB group, said that for many years, efficiency and energy saving, improving electrical stability and industrial productivity have been ABB's R & D priorities. ABB's R & D investment has been growing steadily, even during the economic crisis

shortly before the event, ABB group just released its medium-term development strategy for the next five years. According to yukol, in the next five years, abb will focus on five strategic areas, vigorously expand its core business, and implement a series of planned mergers and acquisitions across products, markets and regions. ABB achieved sales revenue of US $32billion in 2010. Yukol said that it is expected that the company can continue to grow in the future. By 2015, the sales growth is expected to be twice the global GDP growth. We will reply to the customer twice as soon as possible; Compared with 2010, the compound annual growth rate can reach 7%-10%, and the non organic growth achieved through mergers and acquisitions is expected to reach 3%-4%

youkel, executive vice president of ABB group, pointed out that at present, abb has three R & D centers located in emerging market countries, including China. China has the scientific research talents we need, and the establishment of R & D centers in China is also more conducive to the development of products suitable for the Chinese market. Yukel said. According to him, ABB group invests more than 1billion dollars in R & D every year. At present, the number of R & D and design teams in China has exceeded 2000

fang Qin, President of ABB North Asia and China, also disclosed that during the 12th Five Year Plan period in China, abb plans to invest about US $500million to cooperate with leading enterprises in China. The specific ways may include asset acquisition or technical cooperation. The overall idea is to ensure that ab's scientific research and innovation achievements have a real dilemma. How to effectively transform the scientific research achievements in a timely manner? However, this problem did not arise in the process of technology R & D, implementation and utilization by guopiyi's team. B has a complete product portfolio to serve the Chinese market. On November 22, Dominik Beckman, global director of marketing and innovation management of Benecke kaliko company, a joint venture of ABB and Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd., which has just been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, said that the establishment of Nanjing sac Automation Co., Ltd. is a good example. The new company will be committed to the R & D, engineering, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of the whole substation and distribution automation product portfolio (Electrical Automation)

Fang Qin said that the strategic cornerstone of ABB's future M & a plan is still in China. For China and the world, abb may face risks and costs if it does something on its own. It needs to achieve growth through cooperation or acquisition with partners. ABB entered the Chinese market very early. At present, abb has 31 local enterprises in more than 80 cities in China. Most of our previous operations in China were carried out through joint ventures. Through cooperation with Chinese partners, we achieved the effect of 1+1 2. He told me

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