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Biogas desulfurization structure is simple and easy to use. It is an essential step for biogas application. Biogas desulfurization structure is simple and easy to use. It is an essential step for biogas application. At present, household biogas is still widely used in rural areas of our country. China's large and medium-sized biogas projects began in 1936. Since then, the establishment of large and medium-sized wastewater, aquaculture sewage, village biomass waste, and municipal waste biogas has broadened the scope of production and use of biogas. With the development of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards, and the development of industry, agriculture and aquaculture, the biogas project of large waste fermentation will still be a practical and effective method for the utilization and environmental protection of renewable energy in China

how to use biogas innocuously requires pretreatment. Biogas desulfurization is an essential step in the application of biogas. Contribute to the effective application of rural biogas

I. Introduction to biogas desulfurizer

biogas carries a large amount of H2S when it is produced from anaerobic fermentation device, especially in medium or high temperature fermentation. Due to the existence of a large amount of water vapor in biogas, the combined action of water and H2S in biogas accelerates the corrosion and blockage of metal pipes, valves and flow meters. In addition, SO2 generated after H2S combustion combines with the water vapor in the combustion products to form sulphurous acid, which causes corrosion on the metal surface of the equipment, and also causes pollution to the atmospheric environment and affects human health. Therefore, H2S must be removed before biogas is used. The biogas desulfurizer fills a certain height of desulfurizer in the cylindrical desulfurizer. The biogas passes through the Desulfurizer from bottom to top, and H2S is removed to realize the desulfurization process. The desulfurizer commonly used in water treatment plants is iron oxide

II. Installation method of biogas desulfurizer:

the installation position of the equipment shall ensure ventilation and be away from the fire source. The inlet and outlet flanges are fitted with rubber pads. The lower part of the pipe is the air inlet and the higher part is the air outlet. The blowdown valve is closed

III. overhaul and maintenance of biogas desulfurizer

(1) regularly check whether there is gas dew at the flange seal. If so, please tighten the bolts or replace the rubber gasket

(2) however, it is necessary to regularly detect the H2S content in the biogas before desulfurization and the H2S content after desulfurization. When the desulfurization efficiency is less than 90%, it indicates that the desulfurizer is close to the saturated sulfur capacity, and the desulfurizer has failed. The desulfurizer should be replaced. Some of the failed desulfurizer can be discharged from the bottom of the desulfurizer, and then some new desulfurizer can be added from the top

biogas desulfurizer is a biogas application device, which is characterized in that a suspended porous pipe is connected to the air inlet in the desulfurization bottle. The advantage is that the setting of the porous pipe greatly increases the area of the air outlet between the desulfurizer and small iron oxide particles, and the air output is large; Secondly, the water partially bubbles the iron oxide particles, but still retains some air holes; Thirdly, the porous pipe is suspended, so that the water in the desulfurization bottle accumulates under the suspended porous pipe, which is not easy to bubble the iron oxide particles around the porous pipe

characteristics of dry desulfurization

① simple structure and convenient use

② there is no need for personnel to be on duty during the work process, and the fuel is regularly replaced, one for use and one for standby, and the operation is alternate

③ the desulfurization rate of new raw materials is higher, and it decreases in the later stage

④ compared with wet, regular refueling is required

⑤ the operating cost is high

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