Five precautions for decoration in plum rain seaso

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1. Keep the room well ventilated

it is rainy and the sky is humid. All doors and windows should be opened during construction to maintain good indoor ventilation. This is not only conducive to the health of construction personnel, but also conducive to the early drying of indoor walls, floors and wood

2. Do not paint in rainy days

for wood products, whether it is varnish or nitrocellulose paint, remember not to paint in rainy days. Because a layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of wood products in rainy days. At this time, if you brush paint, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy. For example, brushing nitrocellulose paint on rainy days will lead to uneven color, while brushing paint will lead to whitening

it is suggested that a certain amount of whitening powder can be added to the paint if the construction period must be met. Whitening powder can absorb the moisture in the air and accelerate the drying speed, but it will also have a certain negative impact on the project quality. Therefore, in general, even if the construction team is asked to do other work first or temporarily stop work for two days, it is also best not to do paint work in rainy days

3. Apply putty to extend the drying time

putty is the wall lining material we choose, which has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, powdery and mildew proof. Putty should be applied before painting the wall. Generally, it needs to be applied 1 to 3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1 to 2 days. However, when applying putty in rainy days, you should first wipe the moisture on the wall with a dry cloth to keep the wall as dry as possible. At the same time, according to the actual weather conditions, the time for the putty to dry out should be extended as much as possible, generally 2 to 3 days

4. The most important thing in rainy season construction is to prevent the deformation of wood products made on site.

it is suggested that when wooden doors and windows are formed but have not been painted (sprayed), weights can be used to press them flat for nearly a week to basically stabilize the structure of doors or windows, so as to prevent the deformation of wood products due to moisture. After the decorative panel materials enter the site, first seal the bottom oil to control the absorption of moisture; When nailing the door pocket and door closing line, the shrinkage shall be reserved, and then planed with the edge closing machine after a week, so as to avoid shrinkage and cracking

5. Try not to pave solid wood floors or composite floors in rainy days

because the ground will be damp in rainy days, especially on the first floor. At this time, the water evaporation is slow, and the glue dries slowly. If the construction is carried out under this condition, it is easy to deform or appear hollowing in the future. However, in overcast days when the air humidity is not very high, the wooden floor can still be paved, but pay attention to the compact paving, otherwise when the weather is sunny, the moisture will be evaporated and cleaned, which will lead to the contraction of the wooden floor, causing the gap between the floors to be too large




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