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As a visionary, thoughtful and ideal investor and entrepreneur, if you are choosing to join in the customization of the overall wardrobe, then dewell wardrobe editor brings you four tips to help you better investigate the market

1. Market acceptance

compared with the traditional finished wardrobe, the development time of the overall wardrobe is relatively short. In the past two years, it began to enter the stage of rapid development. If you choose to customize and join in the overall wardrobe, you need to visit the local building materials and furniture market more to understand the acceptance of the local consumer groups for the overall wardrobe. Deville has more than 500 dealers and more than 600 franchised stores across the country, Interested investors can choose to visit the nearby specialty stores, or go to the new real estate to learn about the market acceptance of Deville

2. To understand the competitors

to join in the customization of the overall wardrobe, you must be familiar with the local competitors' brands, including the positioning crowd of the brand, product style, service experience provided, etc. Deville just saw the trend of the younger consumer market, successfully grasped the market demand, and focused on Italian style fashion, personality, original furniture products. For traditional furniture enterprises, It has successfully walked out of the road of differentiation and is favored by many dealers

3. Understand the local industrial chain

the overall wardrobe belongs to the customized furniture industry, which needs to rely on the support of upstream and downstream industrial resources to a large extent. Therefore, before the customization of the overall wardrobe is joined, it is necessary to visit the local furniture, building materials, decoration and decoration markets, so that the choice of stores can be determined according to the distribution of these resources, choose the nearest resources, and form a scale effect. The latest one-stop home improvement e-commerce service platform created by Deville in 2016 gives full play to the advantages of upstream and downstream resource integration. Dealers should have a good relationship with these stores, provide one-stop services for consumers, and expand their service scope and profit space

4. Understand local house prices

the consumption habits of Chinese people are different from those of foreign countries. In foreign countries, their demand for furniture is relatively scattered, so the flea market in foreign countries is also very active. On the contrary, in China, the overall wardrobe is generally a one-time home purchase, either after getting married and buying a new house, or after buying a house for the second time, the furniture needs to be replaced as a whole, Therefore, from the real estate price, we can find out the proportion of consumers to the decoration cost, distinguish between high, medium and low-end consumer groups, and find our own precise target consumers

the whole wardrobe customization is popular, but the investment is risky, so we need to make a comprehensive investigation of the market

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