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Now Wuhan "house purchase fever" is a well-known thing. Many people still get nothing by lottery, and second-hand houses have to become a second choice for many people. It was not easy to get the house until we found that the decoration was another big project. How much is the decoration of second-hand houses in Wuhan? How to budget the decoration of second-hand houses in Wuhan

I thought it was a worry free thing to buy a second-hand house, but I didn't expect that after I got it, various problems emerged one after another, which overwhelmed me, and it was more troublesome than the decoration of ordinary houses. If you get a second-hand house for decoration, the first thing you should do is budget. So, how much is the budget of second-hand housing? Wuhan home decoration network tells you how much is the decoration of second-hand houses in Wuhan

when you are preparing to decorate a second-hand house, you should first consider whether you are in a hurry to move in or whether the whole household should rectify. Second hand houses have an additional function of disassembly than first-hand houses, so this requires your consideration of second-hand houses. After all, this is also linked to the budget. How to do the second-hand housing decoration budget? If you want to disassemble, you should consider the cost of disassembly. The cost of disassembly and assembly is about 50 yuan per square meter, about 5000 yuan. Water and electricity refitting and some soft fittings, such as lamps and lanterns, plus the socket, went to 120, so the cost was 4000. These are only the costs of early demolition

the second step is to start real home decoration. The cost of tile and mud paving is about 50 yuan per square meter. In addition, the price of brand products should be calculated. Paint is also labor cost plus material cost, which is about 70 square meters. Everyone budgets according to their own needs. The renovation of second-hand houses is not suitable for how much it costs. It depends on how you make this budget. Can you consult Wuhan home decoration network? ly。 The master visits the room for free, communicates face-to-face with customers, and designs it for you according to your needs, with a detailed budget, platform supervision, and security




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