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Zhongshan Rongshida kitchen and bathroom appliance Co., Ltd. relies on product technology innovation and publicity of reverse thinking mode. By launching a self-developed "happy agreement 4998" product of extreme baking paint cabinet, it stands out in the cabinet market with its high cost performance

Zhongshan Rongshida kitchen and bathroom appliance Co., Ltd. relies on product technology innovation, publicity and reverse thinking. By launching a self-developed extreme paint baking cabinet "happy agreement 4998" product, with its high cost performance close to the people, it is outstanding in the cabinet market. Orders are full, leading the "paint baking storm" in the cabinet industry. Its production workshop is still in full swing

quality: focus on the ultimate

the times are changing, and residents' needs for cabinets are increasing day by day. In an interview with reporters, Mr. Huang Jian, deputy general manager of Rongshida, said that today's world is entering a subversive era, and only change is constant, so we should also integrate changing thinking into production. According to Mr. Huang, different from the traditional cabinet's "customer thinking" and the method of multi product production and batch sales, Rongshida has the courage to change to "user thinking", creatively adopted the large single product strategy, customized services for users, and achieved the best products to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent

it is reported that Rongshida happiness agreement paint cabinet has been treated with six layers of professional paint process of "three bottoms", "two sides" and "one light", and has developed a paint cabinet with bright and smooth surface, permanent moisture-proof and antifouling. Its products adopt the industry's first professional high-quality 304 stainless steel lead-free faucet, and the introduction of microwave formaldehyde reduction technology, so as to avoid the harm of heavy metals, benzene, formaldehyde and other substances to human body, Meet the needs of residents for the kitchen. In addition, the simple handle free design of the hanging cabinet of this product, with black-and-white collocation and full sense of lines, creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and brings consumers a comfortable feeling

the needs of consumers have become diversified, and manufacturers need to be more detailed and specific. Mr. Huang Haisheng, the home marketing director of Rongshida, said that Rongshida specializes in R & D and production, and strives to achieve the ultimate with its heart, aiming to create a "healthy", "smooth", "durable" and "simple" cabinet product to meet users' personalized cabinet needs

price: win public praise

the reporter learned that Rongshida's highly configured paint cabinet includes a 3.5-meter paint floor cabinet, a 1.2-meter paint ceiling cabinet, a 3.5-meter explosion-proof tempered glass table top, equipped with a water basin and a lead-free faucet, but the terminal price is only 4998 yuan. Happiness agreed to paint cabinets, but the ultimate products also have reasonable prices that ordinary people can accept. The cost performance ratio is unprecedented in the industry, overturning the industry pattern

"it used to cost at least 8000 yuan to see such a good product, but now it's only 4999 yuan. I feel it's too affordable. I'm here to buy it today. I want to buy some for my relatives and friends quickly, so that they can also experience the feeling of happiness." A consumer said in an interview. In the interview, a dealer said that through technological innovation and business model innovation, Rongshida paint cabinet has achieved twice the performance of half the price of products of the same material, which is quite trusted by users and has won a good reputation. Dealers are also willing to sell Rongshida cabinets

"there is no off-season market, only the idea of off-season". With its "healthy", "beautiful", "durable" and "simple" quality and reasonable price, Rongshida products have created high cost-effective cabinet products, which meet the rational consumption needs of residents, thus obtaining full orders, making the sales of Rongshida baking varnish cabinets extremely hot




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