Working girls 150000 hard clothes, poly Lafite 50

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It's a happy thing to go home and get together during the Spring Festival. But for those girls who work in other places, it is difficult to go home during the Spring Festival. So I can only spend the new year in my rental house. Today, Xiaobian will take you into the home of Pauly Lafite, a working girl, to see how she decorates her single room dwelling of less than 50 square meters! In this case, the use area of the house is more than 40 square meters, less than 50 square meters, and the construction area is 68 square meters. The living room is 20 square meters, the tatami is 7.5 square meters, and the bedroom is 13.5 square meters if the area of the walk-in wardrobe is counted. The whole style is IKEA style, which gives people a warm and romantic feeling

the whole picture of the living room, although small, is very comfortable and pleasant. The balcony of the living room is large, which is set up as a leisure area, including bookcases and storage cabinets. Very IKEA style

pull the tulle curtains on the balcony, and the living room has another flavor. Is it like sitting down

the scenery wall on the back of the TV, with golden yellow hidden flowers on the red bottom, looks unique and noble

look at the living room. The dining table and the living room are integrated, and the same background wall separates it open





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