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Printing is refreshing again

since ancient times, the innovation of printing has always been a major event affecting social progress. During the Northern Song Dynasty more than 900 years ago, Bi Sheng invented movable type printing, and the printing efficiency was suddenly improved dozens of times; About 400 years later, German wine connoisseur and metallurgist John Gutenberg borrowed similar machinery used in the wine industry to invent the metal movable type printing machine, which soon spread throughout Europe; In the late 20th century, information technology has brought a new revolution in the field of publishing and printing. In the tide of "farewell to heat and fire, and move towards light and industrial large-scale high-temperature 3D printer (two colors) real-time photo electricity", computer laser phototypesetting system has become a new industry standard. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of Internet-based content creation and publishing, With full personality, "but the three measurement units of chemical, spirit 6, n (Newton), kg (kg), IB (pound) are available, and the publishing technology with mutual conversion activity and popularity has attracted more and more attention from publishers and customers. A revolutionary new digital printing technology is gradually emerging.

HP Lab (HP Lab) located in the hinterland of Silicon Valley in the United States." It is one of the most influential high-tech industrial innovation centers in the world, and is also the most concerned promoter of digital printing technology at present. According to the scientists of HP lab, there is a fatal problem in the existing publishing and printing system, which is the lack of efficient integration between prepress technology and printing equipment. The prepress system centered on desktop system and the printing equipment centered on printing machine work independently, resulting in the double loss of efficiency and manpower. On the one hand, because there are two links between "design" and "printing", it is difficult to avoid the waste of human and material resources, especially in the process of proofing, hundreds of paper and ink are often consumed, which inevitably leads to the high cost of small batch and personalized printing; On the other hand, the existing production and proofing results need to be identified by human eyes and manually adjusted. The experience and ability of personnel will have a direct impact on the final effect, which also affects the popularization and promotion of printing technology

in order to overcome these problems, HP lab has invested a lot of resources in the field of digital printing technology, and integrated the advanced technology of indigo, Israel, which HP acquired in 2002, to realize the seamless connection between HP lab's world leading prepress workflow and indigo digital printing machine. With the help of many innovative technologies developed by HP lab, such as liquid electronic ink, digital color offset printing, color management, electronic imaging and so on, anyone and enterprise can become the producer of paid digital printing. Compared with computer printing, digital printing has higher quality; Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has higher flexibility. Any wonderful design completed in the computer typesetting system can be output from the digital printing equipment flawlessly, and the first page printed is a qualified finished product, without any waste, and without any manual color correction. Users can realize the combination of variable data printing ability and offset printing quality through the 7-color digital printing technology without printing, improve the work efficiency of printing enterprises, reduce resource consumption, and eliminate the dependence of enterprises on human experience. The flexibility and price advantage of this new technology can provide high-quality personalized printing services and help customers develop new business opportunities

in HP lab's digital printing development blueprint, digital printing technology can be integrated with the endless Internet as a whole, and a global on-demand printing production and service system spanning time and space can be established. It may not be long before we can provide on-demand services for brushes, publications, packaging, cards, trademarks, photos and other products to promote the industrialization of metal air batteries in the near future anywhere and at any time

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