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Printing standards create a new mode of market-oriented operation

create a standardization test base

"operate standardization work in a market-oriented mode", which is the working concept established by the printing standards committee in the transformation from a planned economy to a market economy. How to operate printing standardization in a market-oriented mode? The printing standards committee has made many explorations and attempts in recent years, and the establishment of the "printing standardization test and promotion base" in 2006 is undoubtedly a model worthy of great attention

in January 2006, the "National Printing Standardization (offset) technology application research and promotion base" jointly built by the printing standards committee and Yachang enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially listed. The establishment of the base opened the prelude to the construction of the printing standardization test base, and opened a new mode of combining printing standardization with enterprises

since then, three more printing standardization test bases have been established successively: in March 2006, "national stereo printing standardization test and promotion base" was established in Beijing colorful printing Co., Ltd.; on September 5, 2006, "national packaging printing standardization test and promotion base" was established in Xingguang Group Co., Ltd; On September 13, 2006, "national packaging and printing standardization research and technology promotion base" was established in Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd

this new mode of standardization work is at the forefront of the standardization industry and has attracted great attention from the industry. Under the planned economic system, the main source of funding for printing standardization is the allocation from the higher authorities, which objectively makes the standardization work mainly serve the government departments and technical supervision departments, and cannot be truly combined with enterprises. This new mode integrates the government, enterprises and other forces to participate in the standardization work, which is a beneficial exploration of the diversified investment mechanism of printing standardization

this mode has been fully affirmed by the superior leading departments of the printing standards committee. Yu Yongzhan, former deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, once affirmed this mode in his congratulatory letter: "through the market-oriented mode of establishing a standardization test base in leading printing enterprises, improving the service support system of printing standardization, giving full play to the exemplary and leading role of advanced enterprises, and continuously improving the level of domestic printing standardization, it is a valuable exploration and practice of China's printing standardization work under the new situation of global economic integration." Gu Xiaoyu, director of the National Standardization Administration Committee, believes that the establishment of a printing standardization test base is a useful attempt, which will explore valuable experience for the future standardization work to better integrate with enterprises and the market

for this new model, Li An, Secretary General of the Printing Standardization Committee, said that the construction of "printing standardization test and promotion base" has been affirmed and supported by the General Administration of publishing and the National Standardization Administration Committee. This mode is not only the implementation of the spirit of the National Standardization Administration Committee of "forming a new mechanism for enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of international standards and national standards" and "forming a new mechanism for experts from leading enterprises to participate in international and domestic standardization technical committees, sub technical committees and working groups", but also the work of Printing Standardization "facing enterprises, industries and markets", The specific embodiment of the guiding ideology of "serving enterprises, industries and markets". At the same time, the "printing standardization test and promotion base" has built a bridge between the Printing Standardization Committee and enterprises. It perfectly combines the needs of enterprises and the needs of printing standardization work, which can not only give better play to the competitive advantages of leading enterprises, but also expand the influence of the printing Standardization Committee in the industry

Secretary General Ang Lee said that jointly establishing the "printing standardization test and promotion base" with enterprises is only the first step in the combination of the Printing Standardization Committee and enterprises. After the two sides become strategic partners, they will carry out practical cooperation with complementary advantages and mutual benefit and win-win results, that is, taking the advantages of the Printing Standardization Committee in formulating national and industrial standards, organizational coordination and standardized information channels, and advanced and leading enterprises in technology Based on funds and popularity in the printing industry, through a series of cooperation, it will certainly contribute to accelerating the development of Printing Standardization in China

try to standardize data evaluation

on February 26 this year, the General Administration of publication approved and issued the industry standard "use requirements and testing methods of EVA hot melt adhesive for book binding" (CY/T 40-2007). In the process of making ⑥ and setting this standard after the collet is reset, the printing standards Committee began to try to evaluate the relevant basic data

how does the basic data affect the standardization level? In terms of obtaining basic printing data, what level is China in the world? Secretary General Ang Lee said that the level of Printing Standardization in various countries is directly proportional to the amount of basic data obtained. Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries are able to make a difference in Printing Standardization and lead the mainstream and development of International Printing Standardization. In addition to their strong industrial foundation and advanced standardization concepts, one of the more important reasons is that these countries have a large number of basic technical data, including the production and use of printing equipment, printing process data, paper, ink Printing suitability data of raw and auxiliary materials for printing such as plates, etc. The acquisition and continuous accumulation of these data are extremely important for studying the printing process and printing suitability, carrying out standardization work, and guiding actual production. However, due to the late start of China's standardization work and the limited investment in human, material and financial resources, there is no set of basic data of our country, which has become the bottleneck of China's Printing Standardization and the development of the printing industry

in view of this, the printing standards committee tried to verify and evaluate the relevant data in the standard in the process of formulating the requirements and inspection methods of EVA hot melt adhesive for book binding. In 2006, the Standardization Committee organized and carried out the activity of "evaluation of EVA type hot melt adhesive for book binding", and recruited Wuxi Wanli adhesive factory, Guangzhou FangHai hot melt adhesive manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jinan Huafu printing materials Co., Ltd., Henkel Co., Ltd., Beijing Wensheng printing materials Co., Ltd., Sanhe Zhongqing adhesive Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou huigelatin Industry Co., Ltd., which are in large consumption in the domestic market Zhejiang Yida adhesive Co., Ltd. has 8 kinds of offset paper binding adhesives and 4 kinds of coated paper binding adhesives from 8 hot melt adhesive production enterprises

then, the Standardization Committee conducted a comprehensive test and evaluation on the collected rubber samples according to the technical requirements in the draft standard. Through the evaluation, a relatively complete set of technical data of book and journal binding adhesive is obtained, which provides a basis for further understanding the situation of binding adhesive in China and the technical data in the inspection and verification standards. At the same time, in the evaluation process, we also jointly developed a Book strength tester with Changchun Yueming small testing machine factory, which laid a foundation for further research on book binding technology and the implementation of binding standardization in the future

Secretary General Ang Lee said that the evaluation of book binding adhesive is not only a new attempt of China's printing standardization, but also a good opportunity to study China's wireless adhesive binding technology. However, the evaluation of book binding adhesive is only the beginning of the basic data test, and the test results are only a drop in the bucket for the basic data required by the whole printing technology and process. Only by continuously accumulating more basic data on raw and auxiliary materials such as paper, ink and plate materials can China's printing standardization work and printing industry be qualitatively improved. He said that the printing standards committee will actively summarize the experience of this evaluation activity and carry out more evaluation activities of basic technical data

building a standardized information platform

any business needs the cooperation of a wide range of information platforms, and the printing standardization work is also inseparable from the support of various media and information channels. In order to better carry out the publicity, promotion, exchange and communication of printing standardization information, the Printing Standardization Committee not only strengthened the construction of its magazines and stations, but also created the first printing Standardization Forum in China, and jointly built an information platform for printing standardization in China with the relevant media in the industry

printing quality and standardization is the publication of the printing standards committee. It focuses on the latest standardization information in the field of printing technology and introduces the knowledge related to improving printing quality. In 2006, the printing and Standardization Committee strengthened the construction of magazines, taking "facing the whole industry, stabilizing the publication of magazines, and improving the quality of Periodicals" as the main content, paying attention to actively cultivating editing talents and the construction of the magazine department, and constantly training and adjusting personnel. The Standardization Committee carefully checks and ensures the quality of each issue of the magazine, and constantly improves the conditions for the publication of the magazine. It has received the support of Beijing colorful printing Co., Ltd., the printing product quality supervision and testing center of the General Administration of publishing and Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., which has promoted the development of the magazine

the printing standards committee also strengthened the publicity and construction of its own station, and timely disseminated a large number of first-hand printing standardization information through network channels. As a professional station of the printing standards committee, a large number of exclusive information about Printing Standardization is released every year, and many stations in the industry are actively reprinting the information on the printing standards committee station. The Standardization Committee constantly updates the design of the station, expands the connotation of the station, and enables it to further play its role. At present, the printing standards committee is upgrading the function of the station, embedding magazine content and many good standardized information into it, so as to facilitate the access of members, member units and the majority of industry insiders

as a supplement to magazines and stations, the printing standards committee has also established the first printing Standardization Forum in China, which brings the standardization issues of printing and related industries into the scope of discussion, so as to facilitate friends in the industry to exchange and communicate on various printing standardization issues in a timely manner. At present, the forum has more than ten sub forums, and many people leave messages to express their opinions and opinions every day. It has become an important communication channel and distribution center for printing standardization information

in addition, the printing standards committee also contacted some newspapers and periodicals in the industry, such as China publishing news, printing and downstream enterprises actively carry out strategic cooperation managers, to release some important information and jointly build an information platform for printing standardization in China

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Introduction to the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee

the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee is a working organization engaged in the standardization of national printing technology under the leadership of the General Administration of publication and the National Standardization Administration Committee. It is responsible for the centralized management of the standardization of national printing technology for 510 years

under the guidance of relevant national guidelines and policies, the Printing Standardization Committee puts forward the working guidelines, policies and technical measures of printing standardization to the National Standardization Administration Committee and other relevant departments, and organizes the preparation and revision of relevant national and industrial standards in the industry. As the only Chinese printing standardization organization corresponding to the printing technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (ISO/TC130), it undertakes the voting work of international printing technical standards

the printing standards committee provides members with academic exchanges, standard publicity, and consulting services. Its members spread across printing plants, publishing houses, printing raw and auxiliary materials and machinery suppliers, industry associations, and other units that will cause electrical equipment failures

publicity and implementation of standardization by printing standards committee

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