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Printing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the proportion of web paper demand has increased.

with China's packaging demand, the printing industry has imported a large number of advanced high-speed printing machinery in recent years, especially the development of commercial printing and packaging printing, which has higher and higher requirements for the quality of printing paper. Another change is that with the increase of rotary or printing machines, flexible printing machines, gravure printing machines, The proportion of requirements for web paper is also rising significantly, which requires the paper industry to adapt

in the past, most of the printing paper with flat sheet packaging used to be flat sheet packaging, and the commonly used size is 31 "x 43" or 35 "x 47". The paper with flat sheet packaging is generally manually checked one by one before the packaging leaves the factory, which effectively prevents the waste and defective products from mixing into it. Therefore, the quality of the paper leaving the factory is guaranteed, and the paper with web packaging cannot be rechecked before leaving the factory, so the quality requirements in the paper production process are more strict, This is also a new requirement of the packaging and printing industry for paper mills

the amplitude is much smaller than that of the spiral spring vibrating screen machine. Statement:

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