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Keyin packaging exhibition moved to South China City

keyin international packaging and printing equipment exhibition (carton box equipment exhibition · flexible plastic packaging equipment exhibition) will open on December 1. It was originally scheduled to be held in Guangzhou Huacheng Convention and Exhibition Center. Due to the subway construction at that time, it is now decided to move to South China City, Shenzhen

South China International Industrial raw materials City, located in Pinghu, Shenzhen, is currently the largest and most powerful international industrial raw materials supply base in China. South China city is only 15 kilometers away from the central area of Shenzhen, bordering Huizhou in the East, Hong Kong in the south, and the vast hinterland of the Pearl River Delta with the most concentrated factories and highly developed manufacturing industry in the world in the northwest. It is the intersection of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Foshan and Jiangmen. With its unique geographical advantages, it includes the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and even the whole South China, forming a huge logistics economic radiation circle

Mr. Zheng Songxing, chairman of South China City, promised that in order to build a world-class international industrial raw material trading center, "business first, win all" is the consistent business philosophy of South China City, and 600million yuan will be invested in three years to cultivate and promote the market

South China International Printing paper packaging trading center is one of the five trading centers in South China city. It is a professional market with the largest scale, the most complete varieties and the most complete supporting facilities in China. Well known enterprises at home and abroad competed to settle in, attracting popularity. South China city has been widely publicized in various media, making it increasingly famous

due to the advantages of South China city and the requirements of exhibitors, it is natural for keyin packaging exhibition to move to South China city. It is natural and supported by exhibitors. Printing machine giants Heidelberg, Roland, gaobao, Mitsubishi, beiren group and Shanghai Electric will all appear at the exhibition; Well known carton box equipment enterprises Nanhai Dongfang, Guangzhou keshenglong, Nanhai Nantai, Shenzhen yongjinda, Bisheng, Caiyi, Zengcheng general, Shunde Nantian, Shanghai Shenjia, Qingdao Meiguang, Qingdao Kaifa, Ningbo Xinning, Anhui Aoli, Tancheng light industry, Shandong Eiffel, Hebei Shengtian, Hebei Xintian, Hebei Jixing and so on have supported one after another. Professional manufacturers of soft plastic packaging equipment, Shaanxi beiren, Zhongshan Songde, Shanzhang light industry, Shenzhen fengshengtai, Huaying, Shantou Jintong, Ruian Huaguang, Qiangqiang, Yaohua, Jianshe, Wuxi Jiangnan, Shenzhen Tianle, Haining people, Ningbo Xinda, Xi'an Qinhua, Xinda, Weinan Zhengqi, Jiate, etc. attach great importance to developing the South China market

fengshengtai Industrial Company, which has specialized in selling packaging machinery for many years, has entered South China city on a large scale. The exhibition equipment can be retained in the market and distributed by fengshengtai company, so that exhibitors have no worries about the future

at present, keyin packaging exhibition is actively preparing, and the activities held at the same time are being implemented. The lecture on contemporary international advanced technology of pharmaceutical packaging hosted by China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, the seminar on flexible plastic packaging technology and product testing hosted by China flexible packaging industry and economics, the seminar on cigarette package printing and production technology hosted by Nanjing gold foil group The high-level Symposium on the current situation and development of carton technology hosted by China Packaging News has been basically completed

the work of audience organization has been started, and the relevant associations in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shenzhen and other places are organizing professional audiences. At that time, some packaging 2 Press the "reset" key to reset the printing production base, such as Xiongxian County, Dongguang, Tongcheng, Cangnan and other places will organize visiting groups to attend the meeting. South China City, as the co organizer of keyin packaging exhibition, with Hong Kong watong paper manufacturers' Association, Hong Kong Rubber and plastic bag manufacturers' Association and Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce as supporting units, will also fully organize professional audiences. In the future, keyin packaging exhibition will further strengthen media publicity and widely send exhibition materials and visit tickets. South China city will increase the content of the keyin packaging exhibition in all future advertisements, including more than 30 newspapers and television broadcasts, huge billboard advertisements and body advertisements at Shenzhen ports, airports, wharves, airport crane expressway, Meiguan expressway, and TV link advertisements on more than 700 luxury passenger buses to and from the Pearl River Delta. The traffic in South China city is convenient. There are long-distance passenger stations in front of the door, and passenger cars arrive directly at Guangzhou and Shenzhen railway stations and inside and outside the province. During the exhibition, the organizing committee will arrange special buses to pick up exhibitors and visitors at Shenzhen airport. For general metal and non-metal samples in South China city and its surrounding areas, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples for convenient accommodation. There are two large hotels in the park dedicated to serving guests

the packaging and printing industry in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta has an annual output value of more than 80 billion yuan. Except for local consumption, most of the related products are supplied to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. According to the investigation on the purchasing behavior of packaging and printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta by relevant departments, 69% of the enterprises will rely on their respective advantages to have a clear equipment procurement plan in the near future; 67% of enterprises have investment intention to purchase large equipment; 51% of enterprises spend about 500000 to 1million yuan annually on purchasing raw and auxiliary materials (such as paper, ink, etc.). It can be seen from this that the keyin Packaging Exhibition on December 1 is held in an area with very strong market demand. It is the best time for enterprises to check at the end of the year and prepare for the next year and purchase equipment and equipment. It will be a successful win-win situation for exhibitors and visitors

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