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common troubleshooting in printing production

the art of troubleshooting lies in scientifically identifying and managing variables in printing production. We should find ways to improve our ability to detect and repair silk tension, moire and more printing faults

from the first time of printing T-shirts with silk to the present, various variables found in the process of garment printing have added a lot of white hair to garment decorators. Printers have spent countless hours in their careers trying to find these variables and solve them effectively. These variables also plagued the production of manual and automatic printing car lightening machines

only when we can quickly repair the faults in the production process and determine what changes have occurred can we call it a successful garment silk printing skill. Cultivating and improving this skill is one of the biggest challenges faced by a new printer

in some printing plants, the printing machine operator will have the pressure to achieve a certain production volume, and the salary will be calculated according to the production volume. At this time, it will be more urgent to quickly repair the fault and resume production

it is an acquired ability to efficiently repair the faults in the printing production process. Here, let's take a look at some major faults in printing production, and review the main potential causes and solutions of these faults

complexity of finding and dealing with faults

in order to correctly repair the faults in the process of machine printing production, you must first have sufficient knowledge about the changes of potential variables in the production process. At least 50 known variables affect the production process of garment printing, and almost every variable will affect the final quality of printing

one of the biggest reasons why troubleshooting in the process of garment printing production is so complicated is that we don't have a standard to live by in reality. In addition to the limited information provided by product suppliers and technical publications that have a significant impact on the field of food preservation, printers can only improve it by themselves. 3. Zigzag toothed bar: straighten or replace the toothed bar production process, and learn which are effective methods

in machine production, the first step of troubleshooting is to improve the ability to determine that something has changed since the beginning of production. By placing the approved trial printing samples at the unloading position of the printing machine and the end of the dryer, the faults can be found immediately through the comparison between the actual printed parts and the samples

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