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the printing revolution "invades" the next gold mine of the blog printing industry

on June 14, the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai, opened the second China International all printing exhibition in 2006. The exhibition attracted 671 exhibitors from home and abroad, The exhibition area is nearly 70000 square meters

"founder has unique technical advantages in the field of online publishing, and has huge digital resources including 210000 kinds of Founder Apabi e-books." as the only Chinese manufacturer entering the International Pavilion of the exhibition, Liu Xiaokun, President of founder electronics, announced the launch of the new strategy of "online publishing" at his "2006 all print exhibition press conference", and promoted the digitization of China's printing industry

Liu Xiaokun said, At present, China has nearly 200000 kinds of publications every year, with a circulation of nearly 7billion copies, a daily circulation of more than 82million newspapers, and an annual printing output value of more than 260billion yuan. However, compared with developed countries, China's per capita paper consumption is far behind, only 24 kg

facing such a huge market space, China's publishing and printing industry has encountered a development bottleneck due to the popularity of online reading technology, which has impacted the paper newspapers and periodicals to a certain extent. Due to the printing volume of the traditional printing industry of more than 3000, a large number of books are seriously overstocked, while there are no printing plants willing to print small batches of books, and many books are out of print, resulting in a waste of resources. The above situation shows that China's online publishing space is very large, The demand for digital on-demand printing is very strong

a gold mine

from the perspective of the industrial composition and technical support of online publishing, online publishing is undoubtedly the product of the combination of traditional publishing industry and information technology. It is an emerging industry gradually developed to meet people's increasing consumption level of information resources. The application of online publishing is not limited to the professional media industry, At the same time, the official document processing of educational electronic medical enterprises and institutions and government agencies will also become a new expansion field of online publishing. It is not difficult to see that Founder is betting on online publishing at this time, which is at the right time. It is not difficult to read from the following group of figures. Today's online publishing is a gold mine

according to statistics, there are nearly 600 publishing houses and 9000 magazines in China, with an annual publication of 170000 kinds and an annual printing volume of more than 6billion copies; There are more than 1200 newspapers in China, with more than 2000 kinds of newspapers, and the daily circulation of newspapers exceeds 82million; There are 100000 printing plants of all kinds, with an annual output value of more than 220 billion yuan; There are more than 1900 radio and television stations, with more than 1800 sets of radio programs, more than 2200 sets of analog TV programs, and more than 11000 episodes of TV dramas produced annually; There are nearly 300 audio-visual publishing units. Although the annual sales of legitimate audio-visual products is about 3billion yuan, the real market capacity is more than 30billion yuan

Xiao Jianguo, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Founder group, believes that the development of online publishing is the general trend, "People's demand for information is changing, the form is more diversified, the content is more personalized, the pursuit is more convenient and fast, and the cost is reduced. At the same time, the media is further integrated, the digital content is more and more abundant, and the network also provides a new way for the dissemination of information. At present, the development of foreign network publishing is very fast, and the network publishing such as ebook electronic music IPTV digital printing has gradually formed an industrial scale. Network publishing is a special cultural industry, involving Ideology and information security therefore, it is very necessary to develop our own online publishing technology "

" invasion "blog

in order to reduce costs, many printing plants have moved to the countryside, and traditional printing machines are rare in the city. With the rise of online publishing, digital printing will become popular. Although the output products of digital printing are also paper-based publications, However, great changes have taken place in the production process and distribution mode. Digital printing is a technology from computer directly to printing, omitting the cumbersome processes of traditional printing, such as sheet production, plate making, proofing, upper and lower plate inking. Digital printing is characterized by single sheet printing, and the cost is relatively fixed. For short edition printing with less than 500 copies, digital printing has obvious cost advantages. Although digital printing will not replace traditional printing, digital printing is changing the business form of traditional printing, It is an important part of online publishing

at present, digital printing is still in its infancy, Some international enterprise giants have stepped in and pressed the "input i/4" key. Liu Xiaokun told: "With the rise of digital printing, printing machines will enter the city again. There will be digital printing machines in the convenience stores in the hotel community. Many books, magazines and newspapers as well as some personalized printing businesses will be printed by digital printing machines. In the future, when you go to the convenience store to buy something, take your credit card and brush it on the digital printing machine, and the newspapers and books you need will be printed immediately"

it is reported that at this exhibition, Fangzheng Yinjie's "Bowen E-print" is a new personalized digital printing business based on the new Internet blog content. This business is launched jointly with Blogcn China blog. Supported by the "Bowen E-print" platform jointly built by both sides, it provides blog users with automatic typesetting of personalized blog collections, personalized design, on-demand printing, exquisite binding and distribution and other special services.

Qi Degui, general manager of Fangzheng Yinjie Digital Technology Co., Ltd, "Blog company and its suppliers expect the text E-print" has been launched and started to provide services. Users can directly insert their favorite blog content into the pre designed page according to the guidance on the page, and then choose the font and template by themselves, arrange the illustrations at will, set the cover and back cover of the blog collection, and also design the binding by themselves. If the user places an order and pays, his design results will be printed into a volume, And enjoy the service of door-to-door delivery. The price of self-service blog collections depends on the size, thickness and binding specifications of the collections

Printing Revolution

"due to the birth of network technology and digital printing technology, the printing industry is undergoing a revolution." Shen Haixiang, President of China Printing Group Corporation, is very impressed with this

"Frank, director of the American printing research center, sent me a book describing a revolution that the United States is experiencing. This book is called station, and signed a contract with a digital printing center. The digital printing center does not directly face customers, but transmits the digital information of the book to the station through the network. Through this station, the book can be sold. As long as a reader clicks to buy this book, the station will notify the printing factory to print it and deliver it to the readers, and the author can On this website, the price of your own books is determined by the publishing house and the author. After the book is published and printed, the station will tell the author or the publisher the cost of printing, and then divide it into 20% for the station, and 80% for the publishing house and the author. This is a new printing mode. At present, an industry has been formed in the United States. "

Shen also said a case. A professor, who is an art photography lover, often goes to a music school, Accumulate photos that record children's and parents' activities, put them in albums, and print and sell them through the station. In addition, digital cameras are now very developed, and there are also digital cameras on them. You can take a few photos of children, put them in the station, make postcards and send them to the children's grandparents, and then make a small album. These are published on demand

in the packaging industry, there are also many cases of digital printing. The protagonist of a popular film is a little boy, As a food boss, he came up with a good way to borrow the movie hero to make a food packaging bag, upload the picture, print it, and make it into a small packaging bag

many countries are carrying out a printing revolution. Shen Haixiang believes that the combination of digital printing and online printing has formed a new market and new business model, resulting in fundamental changes in the organization of enterprises. The printing industry is changing from simply adding the vice premier of the State Council Ma Kai, leader of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry, inspected a group of Ningbo new materials enterprises and scientific research institutions, and the industry is developing towards multimedia services

source: China economic times

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