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Beijing printing paper market

since the second quarter of this year, the prices of domestic coated paper, double glue and other bulk printing paper have increased. In the Beijing market, the price of Jindong coated paper was about 7300 yuan/ton in June, and that of Dongfan was about 7100 yuan/ton. By September, the price of space shuttle had risen to yuan/ton. At present, Jindong double glue is 7200 yuan/ton in the Beijing market. Among the imported coated paper, the three Korean trees are 8500 yuan/ton, the polar bear is 7900 yuan/ton, and the Austrian coated paper is 7700 yuan/ton. Recently, it has attracted people's attention that Shandong Chenming's double copper plate has been put into the market at the price of 6900 yuan/ton. 2. Maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. After the use of several large printing plants, most traders in the current steel-making pig iron market have expressed insufficient confidence in the recent market, which reflects well. Insiders believe that Chenming will compete for a quota in the medium and high-end imported coated paper market

at present, in the printing paper market in Beijing, Jindong paper products account for about 60% of the market share, and the rest are imported paper and products of Daewoo, Quanlin, Zixing and other companies. In September, according to the usual practice, the peak season of the paper market is after the summer vacation, but there is no big start in the market this year. In the first half of September, the sales of coated paper and offset paper are not as good as the same period in previous years, and only the supply of High-g heavy coated paper is slightly in short supply. Due to the weak demand, the price lacks the driving force to rise, and the rise slows down. Although Jindong copper plate has a guide price, the sales price of dealers is still lower than the guide price, and their profits can only be obtained through the rebate of manufacturers

why didn't Beijing market usher in the long-awaited paper market peak season this year? From the analysis of recent reasons, it is mainly due to the excessive inventory. It is said that there are about 8000 tons of Jindong copper plate in the Beijing market, and about 3000 tons of imported paper in South Korea. Because the demand has not increased significantly, the market has shown a trend of oversupply, which has restrained the further rise of paper prices. Moreover, in the early stage, the price rise of coated paper, double glue and other all wood pulp paper was partly due to the continuous rise of the international pulp price, which raised the paper cost and promoted its price rise. However, recently, the domestic pulp market has slowed down significantly, and the pulp price fell, especially the coniferous wood pulp fell by 300-400 yuan/ton. It can be said that the pulp price has come to an end, which also affected the rise of the paper price

from the medium and long-term situation analysis, the imbalance between market supply and demand will continue. According to relevant reports, Daewoo paper will soon start production of low gram weight coated paper and double offset paper in Tianjin leasing paper mill, and the first ideal place for its products to be put on the market should be the Beijing market. Chenming Paper's double copper has emerged in the market. As the preliminary determination of anti-dumping is imminent, the number of paper ordered by Beijing paper merchants from South Korea and Japan has decreased sharply. In September, the orders of South Korea's sankeshu, polar bear and Xinghu were only about 200 tons, only a quarter of the same period last year. Industry insiders agree that Chenming is the most likely substitute for imported paper, so they cannot absorb the original excess supply. The continuous oversupply leaves little room for the rise of paper prices. According to industry insiders, it is quite good to maintain the original state before the Spring Festival

one of the fundamental reasons for the low demand is that the business conditions of major publishing houses in Beijing are not ideal, which can save space. Except for education publishing houses, the sales of other publications are light. First, there are no major events and activities at present; second, the sales of newspapers and books have declined due to the impact of television, computer networks and other media; Third, there are too many circulation links in the publishing system, resulting in high publishing costs. The prices of many books and periodicals are more expensive, which exceeds the psychological price of cultural leisure of the general working class, so the desire to buy is not strong. Some people who prefer text media tend to buy cheap pirated books, which has a greater impact on the publishing industry

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