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The printing science and technology reading week activity was launched in Jinjia

sponsored by China Printing Technology Association and printing industry publishing if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd. This will bring a significant change to the cost-effective production of composite components of commercial aircraft and passenger cars. The special activity of Jinjia reading week of China Printing Science and technology, organized by the company, was held on the morning of June 25, Start in the training room on the third floor of the cultural center. Qu Desen, vice president of China Association of printing technology and President of Beijing Institute of printing, Chen Yan, deputy director of China Institute of Printing Science and technology, and LV Wei, deputy general manager of Jinjia production and marketing division, delivered speeches at the launch ceremony respectively. A total of more than 60 employees from the production workshop and all departments participated in the event

since Xiaoli received the proposal on carrying out the reading week activity of rejuvenating China's printing industry with science and technology, Jinjia's leaders attached great importance to it, made it clear that the relevant departments should seriously carry out this activity, and specially issued a notice, posted posters, and encouraged employees to actively participate, so as to further carry forward Jinjia's concept of continuous learning, create a positive learning atmosphere, and help employees' technical progress and business improvement

Jinjia has always attached great importance to the cultivation and use of talents, adhered to the people-oriented talent management concept, insisted on carrying out all-round technical and management training for each employee, and established training rooms, libraries, and electronic reading rooms. Hundreds of training sessions in various forms are held every year to create conditions for employees' continuous learning and improvement, so as to help employees continuously improve themselves and improve themselves, There are many classification methods from fatigue to promote the progress and development of Jinjia. For example, the book exchange meeting for middle and senior managers launched this year, which takes the form of centralized learning and is held once a quarter, aims to build a high-quality learning management team, and has achieved good results

at the launch ceremony of this reading week, the printing industry press presented two sets of high-quality books to Jinjia on site. Jinjia also bought nearly 100 sets of professional and technical books at the site of book selling activities to enrich the library and provide more spiritual food for employees

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