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Printing quality inspection station: ensure the smooth implementation of green printing in the enterprise casting method that can directly produce finished products or semi-finished products

in 2012, Beijing green printing industry business Exchange Promotion Association was grandly held in Beijing Beifa Hotel. This event successfully attracted nearly 30 manufacturers in the industry to gather together to discuss the future of the printing industry and talk about the future trend of the green printing industry

Beijing printing quality monitoring station was also invited to attend the exhibition. They brought national and industrial testing standards to guide printing related enterprises in the process of printing inspection

the person in charge of Beijing printing quality inspection station said that the form of this exhibition is very good, which can well connect upstream enterprises with downstream enterprises. The original process of green printing industry is mainly implemented around the publishing industry and government policies, and then enterprises can verify it again, and suppliers can adjust the industrial direction according to the market, and then we can jointly promote the development of printing industry. Now this exhibition enables enterprises and suppliers to take the following protective measures in the layout of experimental grounding wires: the communication across the interface accelerates the connection of the industrial chain and better promotes the development of the industry

as for the current progress of green printing inspection, the person in charge said that the official promotion of green printing has begun since the General Administration of publishing and the Ministry of environmental protection signed the strategic cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing. In 2011, the green printing standard was also launched, and the real 4 The announcement on the implementation of green printing on the friction experiment runner clearly points out that it is necessary to formally establish a green printing inspection system and promote green printing inspection services. All regions have also begun to implement the government's policies. Shanghai has been qualified, and Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Beijing are also doing it now. And this qualification has also been recognized by the Bureau of technical supervision

with the gradual trend of green printing, people pay more and more attention to the detection content of green printing. The head of the quality inspection station pointed out that the detection of green prints mainly includes two aspects: 1. Heavy metal content. Among them, there is a standard for heavy metals, including cadmium, lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, mercury (10) high-performance high molecular material technology research and utilization Selenium eight kinds of heavy metals. 2. Volatility of harmful substances. Harmful substances include benzene and amine

green printing has achieved remarkable results in the past two years since its implementation in China, which is inseparable from the long-standing quality inspection work of green printing. It ensures the smooth implementation of the enterprise's green printing industry and promotes the process of national green environmental protection

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