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Deepen industrial chain cooperation and digital innovation Schneider Electric adds impetus to the construction of industrial chain clusters in Wuxi

at the invitation of Wuxi Municipal government, Schneider Electric, an expert in global energy management and digital transformation, attended the Symposium on the theme of industrial chain cooperation and digital innovation organized by Wuxi Municipal Party committee and municipal government, from phased success to becoming one of the top 500 domestic enterprises, and the 2021 Wuxi Roundtable Forum on deepening cooperation among multinational companies. Wuxi mayor duxiaogang, vice mayor zhouchangqing and other government leaders, representatives of multinational companies and many industry experts participated in the event

Wuxi is the birthplace of the domestic electronic integrated circuit industry. In recent years, with the unremitting support and policy boost of the local government, Wuxi has attracted a series of leading enterprises in the industry, including China Resources micro, Infineon, etc., formed a complete industrial chain covering chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, supporting materials and support services, and has been built into the top three electronic integrated circuit industry cluster in China

as the builder of Wuxi's high-tech industry and a consistent supporter of Wuxi's development, Schneider Electric has made many contributions to the development of Wuxi's electronic integrated circuit industry. With years of rich experience accumulated in the industry and ecostruxure power intelligent power distribution solutions, it has formed a digital empowerment of Wuxi's electronic integrated circuit industry customers and electronic plant operation and management, while providing reliable power supply guarantee, Help achieve efficient lean production and green sustainable development

at the symposium in the morning, the leaders of Wuxi Municipal government welcomed Schneider Electric and his delegation. Around the theme of industrial chain cooperation and digital innovation, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the next step of Schneider Electric Wuxi green and smart Industrial Park business development, plant construction and power electronics industry talent training

Schneider comes from the influence of other nearby machines. Zhang KaiPeng, senior vice president of electric global supply chain China, delivered a keynote speech at the Wuxi multinational corporation Round Table Forum on deepening cooperation in the afternoon. He said: the electronic integrated circuit industry cluster in Wuxi is one of the most important typical application scenarios of Schneider Electric in the global electronic information industry chain. In the future, we will deepen cooperation and joint innovation with enterprises in the region, continue to empower them with digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, and help Wuxi achieve regional sustainable development and carbon neutrality goals. Ms. cuihairong, vice president of Schneider Electric's global supply chain China program, Mr. Sun Li, director of government relations for the eastern region of Schneider Electric's affairs and sustainable development department, and Ms. Wang Wentao, head of Schneider Electric and electronics industry and chairman of the labor union of Shanghai Branch, accompanied the meeting

in the future, Schneider Electric will continue to rely on in-depth insight into the industry and continuous innovation in products and solutions, continue to improve the intelligent distribution solutions of medium and low voltage integration, deepen the strategic cooperation with the downstream partners of pressure gauges in the industrial chain of Wuxi electronic integrated circuit industry, and help scientific and technological innovation, In Wuxi and even the country's advanced manufacturing industry, the non friction wear testing machine is a kind of wear-resistant testing machine to contribute to the rise of the road

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