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core tip: as the continuation of commodity design, commodity packaging has become a basic element of commodity marketing. Creative classic packaging has become the simplest and most effective way for enterprises to enhance brand value. This article lists several classic creative packaging marketing cases, let's explore the charm of packaging

[China Packaging News] as the continuation of commodity design, commodity packaging has become a basic element of commodity marketing. Creative classic packaging has become the simplest and most effective way for enterprises to enhance brand value. This article lists several classic creative packaging marketing cases, let's explore the charm of packaging

One of the classic cases: Samson glass bottle

a glass bottle worth 6million dollars

speaking of Coca Cola's glass bottle packaging, it is still praised by people today. In 1898, a young worker of Rutte glass company found his girlfriend wearing a sleeve dress on a date with her, which looked very beautiful with slender waist and legs. After the date, he had a sudden inspiration and designed a glass bottle according to the image of his girlfriend wearing this skirt

after repeated modifications, he not only designed the bottle very beautiful, much like a slim girl, but also designed the capacity of the bottle to be just the size of a glass of water. After the bottle was trial produced, it was praised by the public

at that time, Candler, the decision-maker of Coca Cola, saw this glass bottle on the market and thought it was very suitable for Coca Cola packaging. So Coca Cola bought the patent at a sky high price of $6million. This bottle designed by Alexander Samson is not only beautiful, but also very safe to use, easy to hold and not easy to slide. What's more amazing is that the middle and lower part of its bottle shape is twisted, just like the striped skirt worn by girls; In addition, because the structure of the bottle is medium large and small, when it contains Coca Cola, it gives the impression of a lot of weight. After using the glass bottle designed by Alexander Samson as the packaging of Coca Cola, the sales volume of Coca Cola increased rapidly, and doubled in two years. Since then, Coca Cola packaged in Samson glass bottles has become popular in the United States and quickly swept the world. The investment of 6million dollars has brought hundreds of millions of returns to Coca Cola company

classic case 2: Chanel No. 5 perfume

perfume bottle became a work of art

in May 1921, when perfume creator Ennis Baugh presented many perfume he invented in front of Mrs. Chanel for her choice, Mrs. Chanel chose the fifth one without hesitation, that is, Chanel No. 5 perfume, which is now famous all over the world. However, in addition to the unique fragrance, the creative packaging that really makes Chanel No. 5 perfume become "the aristocrat of perfume aristocracy" is not like a perfume bottle, but like a medicine bottle

Mrs. Chanel, who was born as a fashion designer, is unique in designing Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle. "My aesthetic point of view is different from others: others are afraid to add insufficient, while I subtract one by one." This design concept makes the simple packaging design of Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle stand out from the numerous complicated and gorgeous perfume bottles, becoming the most bizarre, alternative and most successful style. Chanel 5 has become a new aesthetic concept with its gem cut bottle cap, transparent crystal square bottle shape and simple lines, and quickly captured consumers. Since then, Chanel No. 5 perfume has been selling well all over the world for more than 80 years, and is still in full bloom

in 1959, Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle won the title of "contemporary outstanding work of art of Anhui ceramic aluminum New Material Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University established by Huaibei City" for its unique modern beauty, and ranked among the exhibits of the Museum of modern art in New York. Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle has become a veritable art

classic case 3: Red Star Blue and white porcelain treasure Erguotou

creative packaging changes brand image

as a brewing enterprise with a history of more than 50 years, Red Star Erguotou produced by Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Red Star Company") has always been the table wine of Beijing citizens and has been loved by the people. However, due to the "old face" in product packaging, Hongxing Erguotou has always been in the low-end market of Baijiu, unable to obtain higher economic benefits

with the launch of red star blue and white porcelain treasure Erguotou, Red Star Erguotou has entered China's high-end Baijiu market for the first time. The red star blue and white porcelain treasure Erguotou integrates the essence elements of ancient Chinese culture into the product packaging. The wine bottle is modeled after the tribute bottle of the Qing Qianlong blue and white porcelain official kiln. The wine box pattern takes the Chinese dragon as the main body, with a purple red wooden holder. The overall color composition is mainly red, white and blue, with typical Chinese cultural characteristics. The package won the silver medal at the award ceremony of the second China design patent competition. After seeing this package, Xing Shengcai, deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office, said, "this product is very creative and combines Chinese traditional culture with Baijiu culture, which is very successful."

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of red star company told that the red star blue and white porcelain treasure Erguotou Wine is an important product with milestone significance in the development history of Red Star Company for more than 50 years. "Its launch has completely overturned the single low-end image of Red Star Erguotou. It has not only created excellent economic benefits, but also improved the company's image, product image and brand image." The selling price of red star blue and white porcelain Erguotou in the market is as high as 200 yuan, while the ordinary Red Star Erguotou Wine is only 56 yuan. In addition to the red star blue and white porcelain treasure Erguotou, the red star company has also launched a number of high-end Baijiu packaged with traditional Chinese cultural elements, such as red star golden goblet, gold medal red star, Centennial red star, etc

classic case 4: "Crystal Love" jelly

packaging design "captures" consumers

the first jelly manufacturer in China was in 1985, while Guangdong Xizhilang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xizhilang company") did not enter the whole jelly production industry until 1993, which was 8 years later than the whole industry. However, in 1999, the results of the "national urban consumer survey" of the CCTV survey and consultation center showed that Xizhilang company had occupied 83% of the market share of China's jelly market. What makes Xizhilang company grow rapidly into the leader of domestic jelly enterprises in just six years? In addition to the quality of the product itself, Xizhilang's creative packaging and unique marketing strategy make Xizhilang's market share increase year by year

in 1996, Xizhilang company has become a little famous in the market, but it is still a local small brand with limited market share. In 1998, Xizhilang's new product "Crystal Love" series was officially launched and quickly recognized by the market. In terms of consumption positioning, "Crystal Love" series products narrow the target market, focus on young couples, and creatively design "love shape" and "love language" for "Crystal Love", transforming the shape of jelly from traditional small bowl style to heart shape, and covering two cartoon characters hugging each other, which adds a bit of charm to this heart-shaped jelly and quickly gains market recognition. The launch of "Crystal Love" made Xizhilang company jump from a local brand to the second largest brand in the industry in just one year

classic case 5: Hanwang computer drawing board

innovative packaging "thaws" the market

in 2006, Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hanwang company") produced a high-end computer drawing board product - Creative master. The product itself has reached the international advanced level in both application and quality. When Hanwang company introduced this product to the market with great fanfare, it was snubbed by the market. It was completely defeated in the competition with wacom, an internationally renowned computer drawing board company in Japan, because its product price and market share were far lower than wacom

after detailed market research and analysis, Hanwang company found problems in its product packaging. The original packaging positioning of "creative master" was low-end, and it was not well combined with its own brand image, so that consumers could not identify with the product. Product packaging can bring consumers the most direct and intuitive product impression. Combined with Hanwang's own brand identity and product definition, the water drop element is used to systematically combine Hanwang's brand with product packaging. When the "creative master" entered the market again with a new creative packaging image, it quickly won the recognition of consumers. The new packaging has increased the sales volume of "creative masters" by three times, and the price has also increased significantly

classic case 6: Colgate toothpaste

aesthetic habits determine the success or failure of packaging

toothpaste is an indispensable commodity in our life, so the market competition is very fierce. Colgate, an international toothpaste giant in the United States, had done a lot of market research before entering the toothpaste market in China. Colgate found that the toothpaste market in China is highly competitive, but the homogenization competition is serious. Whether the package of toothpaste is kept below 300000 tons in supermarkets and other retail places, or the advertising appeal is very flat. In view of these characteristics, Colgate adopts an innovative composite tube plastic inner packaging, and uses red as the theme color of the outer packaging, which is very popular with Chinese consumers. Results it was a great success and quickly occupied 1/3 of the toothpaste market share in China in just a few years

the success of Colgate has greatly touched the nerves of China's toothpaste enterprises. Many toothpaste brands, including "Zhonghua" and "LMZ", gave up the aluminum packaging that had been used for many years and replaced it with a more convenient, hygienic and durable composite tube plastic packaging. In addition to the reform of packaging materials, domestic toothpaste brands have also made innovations in the design of outer packaging, basically with new packaging that feels fresh and natural on the whole, and has a sense of the times and popular characteristics

in the past, our enterprises did not pay attention to the packaging of products. It was only in the market competition with foreign enterprises that we found that a creative and good packaging often means more market share. So our enterprises began to realize the importance of packaging and strive to produce packaging with Chinese characteristics and aesthetic habits

classic case 7: tea packaging

traditional cultural elements highlight value

tea, as one of the world's three major drinks, has always been loved by people. Due to the uniqueness of tea itself, the packaging of tea is mainly required to be moisture-proof, high temperature proof, odor proof and easy to transport and carry. However, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, in addition to the original practical functions, the greater role of tea packaging is to enhance the value and cultural taste of tea itself

first class products cannot be separated from first-class packaging, especially tea. 2. The friction force generated by the movement of the push rod toothed rod and the gear or toothed rod on the roller: the push rod is relatively long

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