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Create a blue ocean space vision and inject vitality - 2005 Advantech (Shanghai) media answer 1 is to adhere to the plastic processing industry direction of "resource-saving, environment-friendly and technological innovation". The thank you meeting

on the afternoon of November 17, "ten year review vision set sail" - 2005 Advantech media thank you meeting was successfully held. At the meeting, Advantech announced its main strategic plans for 2006 and the next few years, and management finance and it professional media in East China attended the meeting

ten years of glory

it is the decade since the founding of Advantech Shanghai. Mr. Luo Huancheng, the current general manager, first reappeared the brilliant development process of Advantech technology in Shanghai, and sincerely thanked the media friends for their support and attention over the years

note: in November, 1995, Advantech Shanghai Branch was established. In the past ten years, Shanghai Advantech has set up six offices in Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, etc; The number of employees has also grown from the initial 5 to more than 100; Become one of the excellent IT enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta

blue ocean that created the industry

when summarizing the market situation in 2005, hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech (China) technology, said frankly: "this year is the low intensity of the whole industry. Although the strength of this seat belt is quite high, the competitors have lowered their prices to retain market share and sank in the bloody red sea. Although Advantech did not join the ranks of bargain, it was inevitably affected."

"Advantech will always be responsible for finding the blue ocean." When talking about the 2006 market strategy, Chun Sheng stressed: "therefore, in 2006, Advantech will continue to adhere to the industrial concept of 'value' and implement the market strategy of expanding application fields. In conclusion, Advantech will continue to focus on 'research and development' and 'service' and provide 'trusted ePlatform services' for customers."

when asked about Yanhua's competitive strategy, Chun Sheng replied with a smile, "only with no competitors in mind can we find the blue ocean. Yanhua has been the leader of the industrial control industry for many years, so what Yanhua needs is to break through itself and realize industrial value innovation."

the news that "Advantech and ASUS have established a 'double a' strategic alliance" just a while ago has attracted great media attention, Chun Sheng said in detail, "Advantech and ASUS are the leading enterprises in the industrial computer and consumer computer industries respectively. This time, the strong alliance is mainly aimed at the middle-class customers with orders of more than 100000 pieces and less than 100" you must have a deep understanding of resins. With Advantech's advantages in product design, sales channels and services, ASUS's advantages in manufacturing quality and cost, this prospect is very broad. "

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vision - vitality of enterprise growth

when talking about Advantech's 2010 vision, Chun Sheng didn't talk about the grand blueprint, but talked about the experience of vision formation: "The enterprise vision should be a beautiful situation for a foreseeable future that all members of the enterprise pursue together. It has been a whole year since the birth of Advantech's 2010 vision, with the participation of all staff. In the process of discussing the vision, we lit the midnight oil, brainstormed, argued fiercely, outlined and revised the vision. More importantly, we faced the challenges and the cruel reality."

when asking why we should pay so much attention to the shaping of vision, Chun Sheng showed everyone the vision map of Advantech 2010, saying: "an enterprise is like a ship, and employees are crew members. Successful navigation requires not only concerted efforts, but also the same goals. Vision is the goal jointly implemented by the whole enterprise and the driving force of development."

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Advantech 2010 vision shows that in the five years of the future BASF master builders solution department, Advantech will continue to follow the cultural concept of" excellence to excellence "and move towards brilliance

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