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Abstract: Nowadays, "made in Germany" has become a synonym for high quality in the world market, and also leads the wind vane of global technological innovation and development. If you want to know the most advanced German manufacturing technology, emo exhibition must be the first choice

nowadays, "made in Germany" has become a synonym for high quality in the world market and has also led the development of global technological innovation. If you want to know the most advanced German manufacturing technology, emo exhibition must be the first choice. At the invitation of storymaker, I am honored to enter emo Hannover 2017, go deep into German manufacturing plants, visit the story behind German manufacturing enterprises, and meet face-to-face with enterprise technicians. 5. Press the "slow rise" key flow, trying to "restore" a real made in Germany for you

emo impression

the first stop of this trip to Germany is the world-renowned emo exhibition, which was founded in 1951. It has been 66 years since then. This exhibition has attracted more than 2200 professional exhibitors from 45 countries around the world to participate, gathering many well-known manufacturers. The theme of emo Hannover 2017 is defined as "interconnected systems promote intelligent production". In fact, the content of intelligent production has far exceeded the generally considered independent modules such as machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures, and measurement, and more emphasis is placed on interconnected production, which can be fully reflected in the products exhibited this time

at this exhibition, Glauber's highlights fully reflected the emo theme. Through the grob-net4industry software with ten different modules, Gruber is taking an important step towards establishing a digital and networked production system. Among them, the HMI concept also meets all the daily business requirements under the framework of industry 4.0. Glauber also launched new products for system business, including a tray exchange device, which is used for the system module structure of mature double spindle g module, a new flexible manufacturing system with a linear gantry crane frame, and the newly developed derivative machine tools g500f, g520f and g600f for processing frame structure components

Glauber also has excellent performance in innovation. It not only launched new R & D achievements and subsequent R & D achievements at the technical level, for example, three new generation machine tools, but also demonstrated its achievements in the new business field "electric vehicles" for the first time. Glauber, which has an absolute advantage in the field of traditional vehicles, also closely followed the market development, focused on new energy vehicles, and talked about the hot new energy vehicles at present, Mr. German wankmiller, chairman of the board of directors of Glauber, said, "at present, Glauber has a team of 60 people in the field of new energy vehicles, which specializes in product research and development in this field to meet the current rapid development market demand. Glauber also entered the field of electric vehicle assembly through the acquisition of relevant enterprises, and exhibited machine tools for aluminum lightweight body parts processing for the first time at this exhibition."

at present, the most concerned topic in the manufacturing industry is digitalization and networking. As a leading tool enterprise in the world, Walter has realized the importance of digitalization, visualization and networking as early as many years ago, and launched a digital solution that can significantly improve production transparency and efficiency at this emo exhibition. With the application and digital product portfolio including mastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB polyurethane resin flooring systematized tools, Walter has opened up new services and possibilities for the field of tools, machine tools and processing solutions. In this way, the whole process can be quickly identified, the optimization potential can be effectively tapped, and the production efficiency can be improved at the same time

in order to fully reflect its advantages in digitalization and networking, the staff on Walter emo booth specially demonstrated its newly released hybrid virtual reality expert system. When virtual reality in China was still in the conceptual stage, Walter's remote diagnosis system appcom had entered the practical stage. "Walter appcom can collect a large number of machine tools, tools and production data. With these data, we can know the working content of each machine tool in real time, and which tool is used in which way. At the same time, Walter appcom can record these data, so we no longer need to record these data manually." Walter staff said

there is also a very distinctive independent booth on the Walter booth, which is the joint booth of tool data management expert TDM systems and Walter. At present, tool technology is developing rapidly to meet the changing needs and meet the severe challenges from workpiece materials. With the deepening of digital manufacturing, tool digital management has also become an important part of digital workshop. As we all know, the quality of tool use management will affect the manufacturing efficiency and cost of the whole enterprise. More than 25 years ago, TDM systems set off a revolution in the metal cutting industry with the world's first digital solution for tool digital management

tdm systems is completely characterized by digitalization and industry 4.0 at the emo exhibition, which can provide entry-level options for users who are new to digitalization, and can also provide complex global TLM solutions for international companies with TDM 2017 and TDM 2017 global line series products under "TDM next generation". "TDM next generation" is a modern research and development platform, on which all existing TDM modules and TDM global line modules can be used at the same time. In addition, the features of "TDM next generation" also include stronger performance, global connectivity and easy scalability, and provide support for users when they implement the requirements of industry 4.0. At the exhibition site, visitors can also have a deeper understanding of the new 3D tool assembly in TDM 2017 global line, "machine tool process control" (MPC) module and how to use TDM global line 2017 plug-in TDM flex crib to manage the tool library. TDM flex crib enables mobile tool library management to book and query tools

although we only stayed at the emo Exhibition for a short day and failed to understand many cutting-edge technologies and products one by one, in this limited time, we can try to think about why the German manufacturing industry is so strong? To a certain extent, I think the strong vitality of German manufacturing depends on its continuous innovation. Someone said that the core competitive advantage of German products lies in their excellent product quality, which comes from technological innovation. More than 27% of the turnover of German manufacturing companies comes from innovative products. Throughout the whole emo exhibition, you can also see the launch of countless initial products and new technologies, which are undoubtedly a strong driving force for the development of enterprises and the market

the story behind top manufacturing

when it comes to quality and quality, people will first think of German products that strive for excellence, and behind these high-quality products is the soul of German manufacturing, that is, craftsmanship. Craftsman spirit is not only a skill, but also a spirit. This spirit may not be able to create a successful enterprise, but a successful enterprise must be inseparable from the craftsman spirit. German manufacturing enterprises often focus on a product field for decades or hundreds of years and strive to be the strongest. It is this spirit that makes German manufacturing unique. During this trip to Germany, I not only experienced the emo exhibition personally, but also had the honor to have an in-depth understanding of German enterprises such as Schuler, haoen, Liebherr, etc., entered the manufacturing plant, and decoded the charm behind German manufacturing from the root

Shure molding future

as a technology pioneer in the field of molding equipment and a global market leader, Shure provides the most advanced presses, automation equipment, molds, process technology and related services for the entire metal molding process and lightweight body structure field. With the newly developed ring mill to fill the gap, a complete ring production line has been formed. The 3D model of MSE 2000 servo forging press newly developed by Schuler can greatly improve the forging productivity. Not only a variety of products, Shure can also provide users with a new free service app, which can get expert assistance directly on the. At the same time, the software is also part of the concept of intelligent stamping workshop. "From products, solutions to after-sales service, Shure can provide the best service." Mr. Stefan klebert, CEO of Shure Co., Ltd., concluded

walking into Shure factory, you will find that in addition to its metal forming process, Shure is also very experienced in the production of metal packaging, such as beverage cans, spray cans and batteries. According to reports, Shure can also provide production solutions for high-efficiency motor laminations in electric vehicles. What is particularly memorable is Schuler's coinage technology. As early as more than 100 years ago, Schuler's first equipment that entered China was a coin punch. Schuler company has played a positive role in promoting the coinage production by continuously innovating coinage technology and developing a number of patents. In the communication with Mr. Stefan klebert, he said that due to the large capacitance of the tested cable, "in the past 178 years of development of Shure, we have been committed to providing customers with innovative solutions. Shure keeps pace with the times, constantly develops new processes and know-how, and helps users meet future challenges."

Hao en feels the charm of tool processing

in Germany, if you mention experts in the field of groove processing, you must first think of Hao en. No matter in the field of turning groove, milling groove, slot, or forming groove processing, Hao en can provide standard and non-standard overall solutions, including precision small-diameter machining tools, fine boring tools, reamers, mirror machining tools and other high-precision machining technologies. At this emo exhibition, Hao en exhibited some products in the field of micro cutting tools one by one through an arc-shaped booth, which was called "the symphony of cutting tools". Among the many exhibits of haoen, there is a super micro tool that can be seen more clearly through a magnifying glass. In addition, Hao en also exhibited the product scheme of VHM drilling tool DD. Two geometric models with diameters of 4.0mm-18.0mm can be used immediately by series

compared with its peers with a history of 100 years, Hao en's development time of more than 40 years is not long, but with its understanding and control of the market, Hao en seized the opportunity of slot processing in the tool field, focused on the market and grew rapidly. As a German knife brand, haoen also follows the excellent quality made in Germany, which pays attention to every detail. When you come to hao'en's factory in Tubingen, the first thing to visit is the blank production line. At present, the main processes of the blank factory are heat treatment, sintering and pressing. Here you can see the whole process of producing high-performance blades with mixed powders of various components. According to Hao en staff, in order to fully ensure the product quality of cutting tools, most of the bars and blanks are produced by Hao en itself. It is worth mentioning that haoen also has its own specific "Greenline express channel" when producing non-standard tools. When the order quantity of blades or tool bodies does not exceed a certain quantity, the order will directly enter the "Greenline express channel", which greatly shortens the product production cycle and ensures a shorter supply cycle. Advanced production equipment, green and environment-friendly working environment, it can be said that every step of the production line

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