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Entering the industrial control market, Baode independently researched and developed POS

after Baode launched its aggressive market strategy in 2009, Baode industrial control server business is growing rapidly and in full swing. After the launch of Baoding ipc-941 and ipc-911 industrial servers at the beginning of the year, the pos-731 industrial computer motherboard developed independently has been launched recently, which can form POS machines, lottery machines, bank self-service terminals and other commercial application systems. The market development prospect is very promising. The completion of the corresponding work of Baoding pos-731 motherboard and the success of its research and development are the embodiment of Baode industrial control business, and also express Baode's determination to participate in the industrial control market

excellent performance, rich market

Baoding pos-731 is a top-level POS motherboard based on the latest platform, with advanced design, energy saving and low noise. Its design performance meets the standards of similar products in Europe, and it is a super first-class excellent work in the domestic market. As an intelligent terminal platform, Baoding pos-731 is completely developed and designed by Baode industrial control department. Its excellent performance makes it easy to form various application terminal systems, such as tax control machine, lottery machine, cashier, electronic billboard, ATM and other commercial application systems. It is widely used in commercial consumption, bank transfer, payment, query, advertising information release and other businesses, and has a very attractive market prospect

powered USB Juneng power supply

the power supply problem of the traditional POS motherboard has not been well solved. Because the serial port is mainly used to connect peripherals, such as encoding scanners, POS printers, etc., peripherals with slightly higher power also need to be equipped with another power supply, which makes the product redundant and poor stability. Baoding pos-731 perfectly solves the problem of insufficient power supply of pos. in addition to providing two serial ports and two USB2.0 ports, it also provides two 12V powered USB interfaces and one 24V powered USB interface. Powered USB Juneng interface is used to facilitate the connection of devices requiring high power supply requirements, such as coding scanners, printers, LED displays, electronic scales, and optical drives. They can be directly inserted into p-depth and can log in 100 product name projects. Yang Lishuang 0755 (8) 03:os machine of Shenzhen high molecular industry Association, and there is no need to connect another power supply anymore

Lingdong POS platform is energy-saving and low-noise

the computing platform used by Baoding pos-731 has natural energy-saving characteristics and advanced power management design, which makes pos-731 reduce power consumption to the greatest extent, thus providing a perfect motherboard for domestic manufacturers to design high-end POS products. The built-in Intel vProTM management technology of Baoding pos-731 can realize the remote maintenance and management of POS machine, improve the efficiency of IT management and reduce the cost of operation. With the application of energy-saving technology and the reduction of power consumption, pos-731 has stable performance and low noise, which improves the comfort of POS terminal operation, which is more suitable for today's supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, fashion stores, bookstores and other public places

using acetylene flame to clean the screw will not only destroy the metal properties of the screw

industrial control is a red corner, and the teacher relies on Huang Wenjie. Huangwenjie, manager of Baode industrial control business department and a deep funded expert of industrial control computer, believes that with the economic recovery and the improvement of service demand, business intelligence terminals will become a new growth point of commercial equipment in the next stage. Not only does the global commercial POS market have a total value of 28.1 billion US dollars, but also in China, such as lottery POS, there is a market that cannot be underestimated. For example, in 2008, the per capita betting in China was only 10 US dollars, while in the United States it was 167 us dollars, and in Japan it was also 80 US dollars. There is also enough room for China's lottery POS market to rise

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