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Creating a real digital printing

it is not uncommon for newspapers to do printing, but it seems that newspapers have never done digital printing. The digital printing center of Beijing Youth Daily has created such a precedent

on a winter afternoon, the author came to the digital printing center of Beijing Youth Daily, which is located on the East Bank of Tuanjie lake and opposite to Beijing Youth Daily

this is the first time for the author to come into contact with digital printing in a real sense. A room, a device, a person, this is a digital printing workshop. Compared with the traditional printing workshop, it seems a little simple, but in fact, China Xinda has made a magnificent debut in the field of materials and won European public praise for its innovative achievements. It is equivalent to the two processes of prepress plate making and printing of traditional printing. In another room, almost all the post press processes can be completed

although the digital printing center has only been established for a few months, it has actually started its orderly operation. Su Pei, the deputy general manager, showed us some printing materials undertaken by the center. Whether it's picture books, desk calendars, brochures and magazines, I think my eyes are picky enough, but I have to admit that these prints printed by digital printing machines are still relatively satisfactory

as the first company in Beijing to own Kodak ne's current Xpress SE2500 digital printing machine, Beiqing has an absolute advantage over other enterprises engaged in digital printing. Mainstream TV panel sizes (including 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch) have stopped falling and stabilized. Kodak's equipment claims to have the quality comparable to offset printing. Multi capacity will continue to improve for years to serve the image industry, so that Kodak understands the essence of image printing. The unique RGB mode of direct printing enables Kodak to express photos more truly and accurately

in order to better serve the printing process, they even built a studio in the office building, where mainstream portraits and still lives can be shot. In the words of Huang Meng, the image director, we can't shoot anything except cars. President Su introduced to us that the digital printing center does not expect to make much profit at present, but focuses on the future years, positioning the high-end market, and hopes to have more stores and a broader market in a few years

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