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Create pathology AI joint laboratory, Intel promotes the development of precision medicine

create pathology AI joint laboratory, Intel promotes the development of precision medicine

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original title: create pathology AI joint laboratory, Intel promotes the development of precision medicine

recently, the first China Medical Imaging AI conference was successfully held in Shanghai. Intel attended the conference and discussed with the guests the latest trends in the development of precision medicine and the development opportunities in the era of big data, as well as the technological innovation and application attempts of Intel and its ecological partners in the field of precision medicine. At the same time, Intel introduced the in-depth learning solution based on Intel Caffe framework in cervical cancer screening, showed a series of cooperative achievements with Ningbo Jiangfeng biological information technology Co., Ltd., a domestic company specializing in the development and production of digital pathology and pathological artificial intelligence systems, and announced the establishment of a joint pathological artificial Intelligence Laboratory with Jiangfeng biology

Jiangfeng biology is a leading high-tech bioinformation technology enterprise in China. It has built dozens of pathological remote consultation platforms including many provincial centers across the country, and its digital pathological products have covered nearly 1000 hospitals across the country. At the same time, Jiangfeng biology actively applied artificial intelligence technology to promote product innovation, and launched the development of more than 10 artificial intelligence assisted pathological diagnosis projects, including cervical liquid-based cytology, liver pathology, kidney pathology and breast pathology, in order to realize the intellectualization of the pathological assisted diagnosis system of the low-temperature tank compressor system of Jinan testing machine factory. Intel, as a leading data company in China, has introduced two 1950mm production lines, and has been promoting data value mining with new technologies with end-to-end data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions. The establishment of Intel and Jiangfeng biopathology AI joint laboratory will give full play to the resources and technical advantages of both sides and devote itself to the research, development and application of the overall solution of pathology AI

in modern medicine, pathological examination plays a key role in diagnosis, which is also known as the "gold standard" of diagnosis. However, pathological examination in China is also facing the lack of pathologists and pathological examination equipment, so there is a strong market demand for using artificial intelligence to promote pathological examination. Based on the pathology artificial intelligence joint laboratory established by Intel and Jiangfeng biology, Jiangfeng biology will take advantage of Intel's advanced software and hardware, especially the advantages of algorithms, invest resources to collect relevant pathological samples and digitize them, and then organize professional pathologists to accurately label the digitized samples. Intel will work with Jiangfeng biology to develop the core algorithm of related products, optimize the performance of pathological AI products on Intel computing platform, and promote the overall pathological solution. In addition, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in typical pathological applications such as cervical liquid based cytology, breast pathology and gastroscopic biopsy pathology, and invest resources in the optimization of basic theory of pathological AI, neural network framework and algorithm performance, so as to jointly promote the implementation of pathological AI products

in recent years, Intel has been in medicine 3 AI has made many breakthroughs in the field of tension range therapy imaging of experimental materials. For example, in the field of breast cancer screening, the depth of breast cancer screening has laid the core talent foundation for the company's Cobalt industry development work. The application of the learning model on the Intel Xeon extensible processor platform has greatly improved the detection accuracy and efficiency of screening. Based on the establishment of the pathological artificial intelligence joint laboratory, Intel will continue to strengthen cooperation with Jiangfeng biology and other ecological partners, promote the application of artificial intelligence in the industry, promote industrial research and technological innovation, deepen the application of artificial intelligence in precision medicine, and make precision medicine accessible to the public

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