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Enter Lovol Valley God smart factory to explore the road of interconnected factory

enter Lovol Valley God smart factory to explore the road of interconnected factory

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Foton Lovol heavy industry has delivered more than 600000 Lovol Valley God harvesters to the market since its establishment 16 years ago, from 2.5kg/s feeding Lovol Valley God "Maike" to 6kg/s feeding Lovol Valley God ge60 harvester, which leads domestic wheat harvesters into the era of "big feeding", Then, the 8kg/s Lovol Ceres gk80 harvester with the maximum feeding capacity of mass production in China has been listed in batches, and Lovol Ceres wheat harvester has led the industry for 14 consecutive years

in the harvest season every year, the machine operators drive the Lovol Ceres harvester to be active in the fields, harvesting 70% of the country's wheat. The Lovol Ceres harvester has become a powerful tool for thousands of farmers to create wealth, and once became a synonym for Agricultural Mechanization in China

how is the harvester with the maximum feeding capacity intelligently built in China? The best answer is to go into the Lovol Ceres harvester factory to find out

"small" is of great use

in Lovol harvest machinery factory, automation equipment has been fully utilized, robots and manipulators have become colleagues, partners and helpers of workers (7) there are impurities or rust in the oil delivery valve;, The factory of labor-intensive equipment manufacturing enterprises is endowed with the color of "science and technology" and "intelligence"

insiders know that the cleanest threshing is the main advantage of Lovol Ceres harvester. It turns out that the threshing drum seems to be an impossible task for inexperienced people. The core part of the rod tooth welding is automatically welded by a 6-axis welding robot. The whole welding process is stable, the weld strength is high, and the appearance quality is high. Workers said that high-precision welding makes the threshing drum of Lovol Ceres grain harvester more reliable. At 860 and 1040 revolutions per minute, it can achieve the best threshing effect and power consumption

the cars that automatically cruise in Lovol's workshop are called "AGV bicycles". They are "intelligent logistics robots" in the factory, and they are also the fastest and safest feet for transferring parts. Before that, they were pushed manually or pulled by cars. Now, according to the instructions of the system, the trolley can efficiently, accurately and flexibly complete the automatic transfer of parts and other appliances, which not only improves the operation efficiency and saves labor, but also avoids the potential safety hazards, bumps and scratches and other losses that may be caused in the process of object transfer

in addition, on the final assembly line, in addition to the fast feet, the manipulator for installing the cover plate, the manipulator for installing the elevator, and the manipulator for installing the guard plate should not be underestimated. With a length of 1.5 meters and a weight of 50 or 60 Jin, the manipulator can easily grasp it and install it in place in less than a minute. "Before installing the elevator, two people needed to carry it up first, and then connect it with the bottom shell of the granary and cleaning room. It took about 5 minutes to connect it. During the peak production season, more than 100 pieces were installed every day, and the workload was heavy at the end of the day. Since there was a manipulator, only one person needed to control the working direction of the manipulator, and the installation could be completed in less than a minute, which greatly improved the assembly efficiency." The workshop operators are very skilled in these applications after reaching FM

it is understood that at present, Lovol factory has invested more than 100 sets of "automatic", "digital" and "intelligent" process equipment such as welding robots and AGV logistics robots, and the key torque is 100% controlled, effectively ensuring the improvement of factory production efficiency and quality

monitoring control

from wheat cutting with sickles to harvesting with modern harvesters, China's traditional agricultural handicraft industry has gradually been replaced by modern agricultural mechanization. Compared with the previous wheat cutting with sickle, the header of the harvester partially replaces the human hand and sickle to cut the wheat and transport it to the threshing system for threshing and cleaning, and finally transport the grain to the granary

for wheat harvesting, wheat cutting and threshing have become the core work of the wheat harvester. In order to ensure the quality reliability of the core parts, the workshop has specially set up threshing and cleaning running in table and header running in table. The simulated operation on these two running in platforms is equivalent to running in for the user in advance. When the parameters are abnormal, the automatic alarm will be given, and the quality engineers and technicians will immediately go to the site for debugging and rectification, so as to realize automatic quality detection and move forward the product quality control

in addition to the simulated operation of the running in table to detect the performance of important core parts, the workshop also has layers of quality inspection checkpoints such as self inspection by employees to avoid sample slippage and fracture, mutual inspection in fixtures, special inspection by quality inspectors, quality gates of key processes, etc

it is understood that a Gushen harvester has to undergo a total of 931 quality inspections before it goes offline, such as final assembly line, sub assembly line, machine commissioning, quality gate, etc. At the same time, a comprehensive test of the main performance parameters of the harvester can be completed in the workshop, and the harvester after offline will also be tested in the testing ground, ensuring that the performance and quality index of each Lovol Ceres harvester delivered to the user are 100% up to standard

based on the application of new Internet technology, Lovol harvest machinery factory has opened the exploration road of Internet factory from the perspective of users. Through the continuous implementation of Internet and lean manufacturing, and the popularization and application of automation and intelligent equipment and logistics, it has realized the intelligent connection with robots, production lines, products and users

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