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Enter the high-end field of wire "blue ocean"

production workshop of leting wire industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. In this group of pictures, the number of 10000 ton coal mining workers in Huilong coal is 48, photographed by Zhou Tang Yuhang


personage business card

jinzhe, who joined leting group in July 2003, has been the general manager of leting wire industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. since December 2016, and is a member of the Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) of Zhongkai high tech Zone. In 2018, he was rated as an outstanding contributor of private enterprises in Zhongkai high tech Zone

on July 11, a report meeting on the economic situation of Guangdong was held in leting wire industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huizhou leting"). The reason why the event was selected in Huizhou leting is important - Huizhou leting is the leading enterprise in China's wire industry. Jin Zhe, general manager of Huizhou leting, just attended an exchange meeting in Dongguan, and rushed back nonstop to share the cutting-edge information of this industry with the guests. After graduating from University, Jin zhe fell in love with the "wire" industry for 16 years. Since joining leting group, jinzhe has led the team to exceed the goals set by the company with excellent ability for many times. Jin zhe laughed and said that he could not be separated from wires all his life

After graduating from university in July 2003, jinzhe applied for leting group, a Hong Kong funded enterprise, and was admitted. After working in Dalian leting technology department for six months, he was stationed in Weihai, Shandong Province as a business engineer. This has been 10 years, and jinzhe has gradually grown into the head of the Business Department of leting group

in 2016, the production plant of leting group in Jintan, Jiangsu province faced a major challenge of survival. This factory, which has been established for nearly four years, has been in a state of loss. After internal competition and selection, leting group finally decided to send jinzhe to fight a turnaround for this small factory

in July of that year, Jin zhe took office. In the past, Jintan factory had only 13000 square meters of plant and about 140 employees. It had been in a state of loss for four years since its establishment. The employees had no salary increase or year-end bonus. The people were depressed, and the employee turnover rate was as high as 70%. "If people can't stay, everything will be in vain." Jin zhe began to rally people and boost morale

therefore, jinzhe ordered people to print out the planning map of the phase II plant with a total investment of more than 80 million yuan and an area of more than 60000 square meters, and post it in many prominent positions of the plant so that all employees can see it. "I tell you, this is the factory we will use in three years."

while inspiring people, Jin zhe began to practice his internal skills hard. On the one hand, begin to optimize and improve the product portfolio; On the other hand, we will implement all-round projects to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. By increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, the situation of Jintan small factory was quickly reversed. In September of that year, the factory realized a net profit of 20000 yuan

Jin Zhe and his team fulfilled the military order made at that time in advance. By December, the bubble film had many characteristics. The sales volume of Jintan small factory was close to 20million yuan, and the profit suddenly exceeded 3million yuan

stationed in Huizhou

doubled sales in three years

excellent performance has given jinzhe a broader career stage. In December 2016, jinzhe was stationed in Huizhou by leting group and appointed general manager and business director of Huizhou leting

in Guangdong, there are nearly 8000 wire related enterprises. The market homogeneity of medium and low-end wire products is very serious, and the price competition is extremely fierce. But this did not trap Jin Zhe and the team he led. Thanks to his experience in Jintan, Jiangsu Province, jinzhe began to lead Huizhou leting away from the middle and low-end "red ocean" and gradually turned to the high-end, high-tech and high value-added "blue ocean" of wires

after coming to Huizhou, jinzhe formulated a number of policies conducive to the long-term development of the company. Under his leadership, Huizhou leting successfully declared to be a national high-tech enterprise in 2017, and the company's development has stepped up to a new level. In 2017, Huizhou leting achieved good results in scientific and technological innovation: one invention patent and dozens of utility model patents were authorized

with excellent scientific and technological strength and professional market operation level, the sales revenue and profit of Huizhou leting increased significantly in 2017, exceeding the annual target set by the group company. The sales revenue and profit of Huizhou leting increased by more than 30% over 2016, and the taxes of the two Huizhou factories totaled 30.79 million yuan

in May 2018, jinzhe won the honorary title of the second "top ten innovative and entrepreneurial youth" of Zhongkai high tech Zone, and was awarded the "2017 excellent general manager" award by leting group; At the same time, Huizhou leting under his management was awarded the "2017 Team Task Completion Award" by leting group for its outstanding performance

in the three years in Huizhou, Jin zhe led Huizhou leting to achieve excellent results of doubling sales and increasing profits by 80%

promote transformation

enterprise strategic planning aims at the top wire field

before 2011, leting was the only wire supplier for Japanese and Korean household appliance enterprises. With the gradual transfer of Japanese and Korean terminal product production lines to Southeast Asia and the improvement of the technical level of other domestic wire enterprises, Japanese and Korean home appliance and electronic product purchasers' prices for wire procurement are getting lower and lower, and the homogenization is very serious. Leting began to transform its products. Jin Zhe and his team, who were familiar with the market, targeted and focused on high-speed communication equipment, passenger cars and new energy vehicles, industry and medical treatment and other fields with higher scientific and technological content

"China's manufacturing industry is relatively difficult. Nearly 90% of high-end wire products rely on foreign imports, and only about 10% of wires and the parts with low gross profit margin are entered by more than 20 domestic enterprises. In this way, the market competition will become more and more brutal." Jinzhe said that technical experts and R & D institutions in top fields such as large-scale high-end venues and large-scale scientific and technological devices believe that the technical capacity of domestic wires and the consistency of solid and reliable products need to be further improved. In addition, in these top exclusive fields, the overall technology depends on foreign countries, and foreign suppliers have been appointed in the early stage of product design, so it is difficult to enter these fields. Leting's next strategic plan is to gradually enter this exclusive field and gradually replace foreign suppliers

in addition, jinzhe also aimed at 5g network signal transmission lines and wires in the industrial robot industry, hoping to produce wires and other main materials in China. According to the plan, by 2023, the wire supply of high-speed communication and industrial robots will exceed half of Huizhou leting

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