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On October 28, a Boeing 747, which uses mixed biofuel as fuel for the first time in China, took off at the Capital International Airport, and its one hour flight attracted attention from all walks of life

the first test flight was very successful. When the plane landed safely, Dr. liuminsheng, general manager of the biomass energy technology center of ENN group, was on the scene

is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. At present, the cost of biological liquid fuel cannot compete with fossil aviation fuel. Fossil fuel is still the main body in a short time, but the application of renewable energy in the aviation industry is the general trend. Liu Minsheng said

according to the data obtained from previous foreign flight tests, compared with traditional fossil aviation fuels, the emission reduction effect of sulfur and particulate matter in the whole life cycle of aviation biofuels can basically reach 100%, and carbon emissions can be reduced by 60% - 80%. Judging from the current large-scale promotion, the main problems are to unify airworthiness standards and reduce costs

according to Liu Minsheng, a large number of test data show that the Omega calender developed by Shengxin, which meets the standard, is composed of several cylinders, and the fuel reliability is little compared with traditional aviation fuel

according to Liu Minsheng, ENN will focus on aviation fuel and use microalgae as raw materials

the biofuel we make uses microalgae from the sea as raw materials, which is a whole generation more advanced than previous raw material crops in terms of technology. Liu Minsheng said that at present, our technology of using microalgae to produce biodiesel has been very mature

it is understood that on January 7, 2009, the market capacity of plastic extruders in the U.S. mainland will be further expanded. The Boeing 737 airliner of the airline successfully completed the first commercial aircraft biofuel test flight in North America. This is the first commercial aircraft biofuel flight using seaweed extract in the world. Its biofuel is mainly extracted from algae. Compared with traditional fuel oil and liquefied gas, it produces much less greenhouse gas emissions, and will not have a negative impact on food crops or water resources, but also help to reduce deforestation. In addition, biofuels can also be mixed with traditional kerosene fuel (class a aviation fuel), reducing dependence on fossil fuels

Liu Minsheng said that ENN's technology for preparing biodiesel from microalgae will be industrialized in the next two to three years. At that time, the price per ton will be equal to or slightly lower than that of traditional diesel. But he also said that biodiesel and biofuel cannot be simply equated, and the difference between them is not 0.12 ~ 0.14. Biodiesel is an oxygenated biofuel obtained from the esterification of bio fats; Bio aviation fuel is an oxygen-free alkane biofuel prepared by deacidification, hydrogenation, isomerization and other processes of bio oil. There are many strict requirements for biological aviation fuel, mainly considering the condensation problem at high altitude, the safety of fuel, the anti riot ability of fuel, etc. To convert biofuel into reliable aviation fuel, further refining is needed

it is reported that ENN is actively negotiating with relevant departments and enterprises, and the aircraft filled with ENN biofuel will be tested next year

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