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The aluminum foil used in China's packaging market is growing rapidly. Second, high-end and new applications are the key directions. According to experts' prediction, China's aluminum foil market will continue to maintain the current rapid growth momentum. In 2005, the total demand of China's aluminum foil market will exceed 400000 tons, and will reach 600000 tons in 2010. If the development imbalance factor of 15% is considered, it may reach 700000 tons

there is a large market space for double zero foil

experts predict that China will need 230000 tons of double zero foil by 2012. Therefore, three to five double zero aluminum foil plants with a capacity of 10000 to 40000 tons can be added. However, data shows that there are 22 aluminum foil mills under construction, with a production capacity of 120000 tons, of which the capacity of double zero aluminum foil is more than 60000 tons. It is reported that the 25000 ton double zero foil production line of Henan Shenhuo Group in Shanghai will be put into operation in the first half of 2006; Jiangsu Daya group introduced the rolling mill to be installed in the fourth quarter of this year, and will double its double zero foil production capacity when it is put into production next year. Therefore, even the development space of double zero foil production capacity is very limited. In addition, due to the high standard of its technology, any investor needs to consider carefully

the development prospect of high-grade foil is broad

although China's aluminum foil market is developing rapidly and some products are oversupplied, high-grade foils with special properties, especially those that rely on imports for a long time, are still worth developing. Aluminum foil for air conditioning is the largest consumption market of aluminum foil for 1-way control horizontal cylinder in China. However, in terms of high-tech hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioning, the Chinese market mainly depends on imports, and the price is very expensive. Recently, the "nano organic hydrophilic aluminum foil" developed by Chunlan company was officially put into mass production, which attracted the attention of people inside and outside the industry. Dr. Xu from the refrigeration center of Chunlan Research Institute said that the cost of this aluminum foil is only half of that of similar materials in Japan, and it has outstanding performance in improving the refrigeration efficiency of air conditioners, saving energy, protecting the environment, and extending the service life of air conditioners. It is estimated that by 2005, the consumption of aluminum foil for air conditioning will reach 125000 tons, including 100000 tons of hydrophilic aluminum foil. At present, there is a large domestic gap and the market prospect is promising

aluminum foil packaging has the advantages of high barrier performance, lightweight, UV resistance, long shelf life at room temperature and so on, which makes the application of aluminum foil in various packaging fields continue to increase. At the same time, the packaging of different products also puts forward new requirements for aluminum foil packaging. For example, while some products require UV protection, they also hope that some special gases can enter the packaging. Selective permeation membrane has become a new technology that needs to be developed. Foreign companies have developed new aluminum foil packaging technologies such as selective aluminum foil packaging, anti freezing packaging and anti condensation packaging, which should also be evaluated for uncertainty if necessary

new applications of packaging deserve attention

aluminum foil packaging has developed rapidly in the fields of food, beverage, dairy products, medicine, electronic products and so on, and has become an important part of the packaging field. Recently, some new features in the aluminum foil packaging market deserve attention

various novel packages emerge in endlessly. Due to the unique folding and other properties of aluminum foil; Good adhesion and heat sealing; Excellent surface printing performance and decorative effect, and richer shape packaging design have become a new feature of aluminum foil packaging applications. Take chocolate packaging as an example, our common chocolate packaging includes square, strip, round, diamond, oval, heart-shaped and so on. In foreign countries, some manufacturers give full play to their imagination to design chocolate into the shapes of Santa Claus, historical figures, various lovely animals and cartoons, and decorate the surface with corresponding pattern colors. There are many similar designs, such as the shape of gold coins with golden decorations; There are also various shapes, such as football, cars, toys and so on. The rich shapes of chocolate packaging are unimaginable before there is no aluminum foil packaging

pet food packaging increased rapidly. Twoorthree years ago, aluminum foil was rarely used in pet food packaging. However, the PET packaging market in the European market has grown rapidly in the past two years, and has become a part of the rapid growth of the aluminum foil packaging market. Pet food packaging has some special requirements, such as re sealing after opening, heating, preservation, corrosion prevention, moisture resistance, etc., which make aluminum foil packaging a great success in the field of pet food packaging

replacing cans with foil is emerging. In the past, a large number of aluminum alloy materials were used for the packaging of cans to achieve the effect of quality assurance. In recent years, aluminum foil has been used to replace aluminum cans to achieve the same quality assurance packaging. Moreover, aluminum foil as an outer package can effectively ensure the dust-proof effect of the pull ring position of cans, avoid dust pollution, and meet the safety and health standards. At the same time, the unique appearance effect of aluminum foil can get a more attractive appearance

although these new applications have not yet become the most important part of aluminum foil packaging, combined with the inherent characteristics of aluminum foil, developing new application fields is undoubtedly one of the important development trends of aluminum foil packaging market

aluminum foil recycling should be paid attention to

with the rapid development of aluminum foil industry, aluminum foil recycling has also become a link that the industry must pay attention to. In the tobacco industry, according to incomplete statistics, a medium-sized cigarette factory cuts more than 50 tons of waste every year. Although the import of waste paper in large-scale cigarette factories decreased by 34% in 2018 (such as Kunming Cigarette Factory, Yuxi cigarette factory, Wuhan cigarette factory), the annual waste of each factory is as high as about 100 tons. Aluminum foil paper factory has about 10% of waste leftovers and waste products; The amount of waste leftovers in food, medicine, decoration and other industries is also considerable. Every year, a large number of aluminum foil used for packaging eventually become garbage. It is estimated that there are about 100000 to 200000 tons of aluminum foil to be recycled in China every year. At the ratio of 6:3:1 (pulp: aluminum: other), it contains about 60000 ~ 120000 tons of pulp, which is equivalent to the output of a medium and large paper mill; 30000-60000 tons of aluminum is equivalent to the output of a medium-sized aluminum plant. In addition, aluminum foil lining paper is mostly high-grade wood pulp, with good strength and high whiteness; Aluminum foil is also high-quality aluminum with high purity. In addition, from the long-term development of aluminum foil industry and the reality of world resource shortage, aluminum foil recycling should also attract the attention of industry development

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