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The outlet of domestic loading machinery is innovation

in recent years, the average annual growth rate of China's demand for plastic machinery has remained above 6%, and its sales volume is expected to reach 14.5 billion yuan by 2010. In other words, the development potential of China's plastic machine industry is great, especially some models with high scientific and technological content, good performance and relatively moderate price, such as super large, precision and special injection molding machines, low-temperature and high-power single screw extruders, and multi-layer co extrusion blow molding machines used to produce high impermeability and heat-resistant packaging materials, all have good development prospects

injection molding machines require high technical content

injection molding machines have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to mainframe and precision machines, the supply of injection molding machines of general specifications has exceeded the demand, but the market demand of some injection molding machines with high technical content has gradually increased. First, all electric and all hydraulic precision injection molding machines. The main markets of these products are electronic communications, audio-visual products, home appliances, automobiles, etc., which have high requirements for processing conditions, bright prospects for injection molding machines, and high requirements for precision. These industries are sunrise industries, so there is a lot of room for development in order to take advantage of opportunities. Second, hollow injection molding machine. Using a variety of rubber and plastic materials combined with hollow injection molding technology can effectively improve the stress failure of plastic parts under vibration. The third is a new type of injection molding machine with air assisted and water assisted devices. This new type of injection molding machine has a large market, especially for products with high appearance requirements and long service life, such as household appliances, automobiles, buildings, etc

extruders tend to be low-cost and practical

nowadays, the domestic extruder industry is facing a reshuffle. For a period of time, the market price of domestic extruders fell sharply, mainly because rough manufacturing and price war affected the overall image and market competitiveness of the plastic machine industry, and also hindered the development of the plastic processing industry. In the past two years, only one German company has provided China with more than 100 profile production lines, and most of the powerful enterprises in the plastic door and window and pipe processing industry are looking for imported equipment. This cannot but cause the reflection of plastic machinery enterprises. But it should also be noted that domestic blow molding machines are actively catching up. Keya group, known as the "little giant" of China's extruder industry, has sold about 2300 testing machines at home and abroad in the past seven years. What is the reason for the fixture slipping? There are various granulation units, among which the domestic market share of small-sized machines is far ahead. Koya believes that the parallel co rotating twin-screw extruder should develop towards the sixth and seventh generation with high speed and large aspect ratio. For this reason, the group cooperated with the German copetron group earlier, introduced its advanced technology, and fully entered the international market with the help of copetron's global sales network. As the products of the two companies occupy a considerable market share in Gaorui market and small and medium-sized machine market respectively, this cooperation will have an impact on the whole domestic extruder market. In addition, the single screw extruder should also be developed in the direction of large diameter, large aspect ratio and smooth exhaust. Only low-energy and low-cost extruders can stand in the fierce market

blow molding machines prefer good comprehensive performance

blow molding machines are developing rapidly. The price of blow molding equipment is low and energy consumption is low. It makes up for the shortcomings of injection molding processing methods. The molded industrial parts have high integrity, good comprehensive performance, high added value and low cost. Therefore, although blow molding machinery accounts for the lowest proportion of the three plastic machines at present, it will maintain a strong momentum of development in the future, and it is the model with the fastest development and the most development potential. Blenders, shredders, feeders, heaters and other auxiliary equipment are an important part of the plastic production line, which directly affects the production quality and production efficiency of products. At present, domestic manufacturers are overwhelming, but the varieties and specifications are basically within the same range, and it is difficult to compete with imported machines technically. Moreover, most imported plastic production lines have been equipped with the above auxiliary machines when they are introduced, which reduces the sales volume, so the domestic auxiliary machine market competition is fierce. The recent development direction of this kind of products is to have the functions of ultra-fine crushing (preparing for the nano material industry), vacuum filtration, large-scale low-noise launch system for new experimental sound, high-speed crushing and so on

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