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Emerging shifting Mountains: enterprise innovation, courage is more important than confidence

emerging shifting Mountains: enterprise innovation, courage is more important than confidence

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the first person to eat crabs needs courage; The first person to go to space needs courage; The first person to climb Mount Everest needs courage; The first person who dares to be different and innovate continuously in the process of enterprise development needs more courage! Counting the innovation and changes in the emerging mountain moving and construction machinery industry, installed on the swing frame, we have reason to believe that: enterprise innovation, courage is more important than confidence

over the past year, the changes of Xinxing Yishan are remarkable: the marketing mode is innovative, from a single bulldozer product and a single marketing means to a variety of products and a variety of industry finance combination mode; Product development and innovation are not only the strength of the academy itself, but also the introduction and integration of social resources to jointly develop products, including the upcoming academician workstation of the Academy of engineering and the academician workstation of the Academy of Sciences being declared; With the innovation of production products, the company no longer only produces bulldozers, the birth of intelligent tool robots, the expansion of agricultural machinery products, the joining of arm pullers, and the combination of aerial work platforms... What the new mountain removal changes is not only the production and management mode, but also a change in concept, thinking, and mentality

in the past year, the innovation of the construction machinery industry has never stopped. Although the overall situation of the industry is still not optimistic, it can still be seen from the recent BICES exhibition held in Beijing. Automobile cranes with a new generation of intelligent equipment, rotary drills with the most advanced sensing technology, and all hydraulic crawler piling machines pioneered in China... In addition to products, enterprises in the construction machinery industry are breaking through to the fields of agricultural machinery, sanitation, energy, and even PC. although the transformation methods are different, one thing is the same: they are all seeking enterprise innovation with unprecedented courage

throughout the development and progress of history, any kind of change and innovation will not be achieved overnight. In the difficult period of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly and Phoenix Nirvana, it is invaluable whether we can adhere to innovation with the greatest courage. However, in reality, there are always some people who are not brave enough, timid, or even negative in the face of the inevitable hardships on the way forward, and are unwilling to tap their own potential and creativity from their subjective thoughts. What's more, they often make negative comments, affecting the morale of employees. In the hearts of these people, they don't understand that any innovation is risky, but the essence of enterprise spirit is innovation, which is to innovate with fearless courage and courage

innovation requires courage, which requires an extremely strong courage. Duanyulin, general manager of Xinxing Yishan, said that we have no choice but to be strong. No matter any unit, department or even individual, only with this strong courage can we deal with the old ideas, old concepts and old constraints, be firm and calm, find self-worth, find our own colors in the road that others have not gone through, and realize the new and great future of moving mountains with extraordinary charm

innovation requires courage and an enterprising courage. Enterprisers are always innovative, always full of passion, and always take the initiative to adapt and improve. In the development of the enterprise, dare to venture, dare to try, dare to be the first, dare to say what predecessors have not said, and dare to do what predecessors have not done. This poetic courage always reflects its lofty aspiration and starts with its journey of a thousand miles. The birth, upgrading and improvement of the emerging intelligent tool robot for moving mountains and the development of three other similar products are the best annotation of this courage

innovation requires courage and courage to take responsibility. Dare to take responsibility is a positive attitude given to us by work and life. With this courage to face setbacks and challenges, we can automatically and spontaneously take on the important task of hitting the water in the middle stream, and we can be proud of life with a strong heart, a resolute work style, and the confidence to challenge. In work, there will be no buck passing, no irresponsibility, and no procrastination. All work tasks will be delivered with high quality and efficiency, so as to win the demeanor of a new and moving mountain

tips of friendship: if there is anything unclear, Churchill said: courage is the most important characteristic of human beings. If you have courage, wood plastic projects are listed in the national key products and services catalogue of strategic emerging industries; In 2012, "utilization and implementation of wood plastic composite extrusion technology" won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; In 2016, wood plastic products were listed in the first batch (20 categories) of the national green product catalogue; Since 2017, other human characteristics have naturally been possessed. Courage for us is to choose a path of innovation that is inaccessible to people. This seems unrealistic to some people, but its essence is a transcendence based on the possibility of reality. A strong heart transcends mediocrity, which will be the key for emerging companies to move mountains to more glory

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