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Innovation of candy packaging

some characteristics of candy packaging may never change. However, if candy packaging wants to go hand in hand with other areas of the food industry, it should create a new era that is more creative and functional

I looked around in the exhibition hall of the 2001 packaging Expo, looking for candy packaging that can reflect the sense of innovation. At first glance, many packages on display look like gemstones in a treasure chest, shining brightly in all colors. But as long as you look closely, you will easily find that there are not many products that can really be called "innovative"

the candy industry openly admits that it is a traditionalist, and major candy brands easily control the market, because consumers around the world have already recognized these products psychologically and tastefully. But in terms of packaging, it can be said that the more stable a brand is, the less incentive it has to expand into new markets. A similar situation has occurred in this field of the food industry

andrwe slack of Lawson mardon believes that the main reason for the slow change is the continuous pursuit of production line efficiency in the candy industry, which has an important impact on the packaging design of the candy market. But one consequence of this is that there are many similar packaging forms in stores

he said that this had forced marketers to have no way out. The typical solution is to adopt the pattern design that can immediately identify the brand, and use foil as packaging material to stimulate casual purchase. These metal foils can not only provide additional protection for candy, but also ensure a beautiful appearance

fortunately, the candy market has noticed the new development trends in the frozen food, convenience food and snack food markets. These markets are improving the packaging of their products to meet the needs of the changing society

Chris Gower of drsign bridge believes that this change is to divide food according to different demand states, rather than different dietary types. In this way, at any given demand point, there will be a "laissez faire you", a "healthy you" and some compromises between them. Although this sounds a little too free, this concept means potentially huge profits for managers who are looking for opportunities everywhere

the distinction between different products is becoming increasingly blurred, and it is difficult to distinguish which is candy and which is other food by packaging alone. In this regard, mcvities go ahead! The series is a perfect example. Their brand logo has recently surpassed the redesign of Jones Knowles Ritchie to convey a bolder message, "low fat and extraordinary taste", so as to attract casual buyers who are particularly concerned about health

perhaps the understanding of the new change trend is a little slow, but the traditional candy market has begun to adopt the same strategy, and they provide a series of continuous product forms to meet the needs of each "demand state"

gower believes that the original premise assumption of candy products will not be replaced, because there is always an impromptu and laissez faire candy purchase market, but value-added factors should be taken into account in order to make the products suitable for new dietary types. In this sense, products and packaging should use functional ingredients to stimulate consumers to buy. For example, Wrigley gum emphasizes that its products can whiten teeth and relieve discomfort such as sore throat and stuffy nose. Obviously, those candy brands with a long history are constantly reshaping their image by launching derivative products, leaving consumers with a sense of freshness forever

for example, Nestle has subdivided its "smarties" candy brand into two series, mini and giant, and adopted barrel packaging supplemented by strange surface patterns, providing a new choice for candy consumption. This spring, the redesigned mini "smart bean" was packaged in a tetrahedral shape with sharp edges and corners. This idea is inspired by snack food

lawson mardon has the experience of providing foil materials for hard packaging, including the pyramid package for Phileas Fogg tortillahips, so the company was selected to develop a new packaging that can clearly distinguish itself from similar products. After opening the package, the internal design makes it easy for consumers to take out the candy inside. The 80 micro thick transparent stretched polypropylene sheet is laminated on the white hollow stretched polypropylene foil to provide the necessary firmness, while ensuring that the package has good sealing and is easy for children to open. The lively and lively brand of "smart bean" is marked on the tensile testing machine, and the sample is pulled to the fracture mark, which is printed in six color intaglio, covering all the outer surfaces of the package

rpc container market Rasen uses structural design to add value to the brand. They developed an egg shaped container for the peak sales during Easter. This kind of container is designed by RPC's design department. On the shelves, this egg shaped container is in fierce competition with Easter eggs. At the same time, its capacity is also the right size, which can be shared with others or eaten by one person. Its bright yellow injection molded polypropylene container has a hinge in the center, which is easy to open and eat the candy inside. To prevent sugar beans from accumulating at the bottom of the container; A hinged lid ensures that candy is evenly distributed in the upper half of the egg shaped container. The heat shrinkable sleeve label produced by decorative sleeves is printed in six colors, and Cadbury's logo is also printed on it

the sleeve label is wrapped from the bottom of the package to the top to form an anti-counterfeiting seal. A project manager he Hongwei told reporters that a special perforator can remove the anti-counterfeiting cover part; At the same time, a heat setting adhesive keeps the main part of the label intact in its original position

if the candy industry wants to enter a new food market and attract new customer groups, it must work hard on the sugar pendulum film impact tester. Experimental requirements: fruit packaging, using some bold ideas. Elizabeth Shaw, a traditional chocolate maker, has taken the lead: in order to attract younger customers, it has launched a special Stolichnaya vodka shots range

market research shows that age-old consumers do not like alcoholic chocolate. Elizabeth Shaw wants to know how to combine the new packaging form and taste design to realize the modernization of this high-end product market

the plan they adopted is a 159 gram cylindrical silver thread mouth cardboard container produced by field pakckaging, which reminds people of the packaging of Stanley vodka in the alcohol market. The packaging box is printed with red and black patterns, which maintain the traditional Russian style. This kind of packaging uses more signs than words to describe the four vodka flavors of chocolate, which further highlights the modern sense of the product. The taste design of Starley vodka heart chocolate is "the best frozen vodka". It can release the taste of vodka more slowly. To achieve this effect, vodka of different flavors are wrapped in metal foil and put into separate silver bags, and then put into the refrigerator

this product has opened up a new product category. Here, independent packaging is more informal in terms of both products and ways of expression. Therefore, compared with traditional candy, this product can obviously have a greater appeal to younger consumers

Brian edwatds of Anson packaging also believes that as long as candy packaging dares to break through the shackles of traditional thinking, it can change its rigid and serious image. The company recognizes that its thermoplastic fast food packaging and snack food packaging are also applicable to candy packaging, and can also provide the value-added feature of transparency. In the specific field of product visibility, he believes that the progress of the candy industry lags behind other industries. With the help of the company's internal design studio, the company is looking for a new chocolate box, which will greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries. The small cells separated from each other are an ideal way to classify chocolate, and they can also make people feel a modern sense of "taking and eating"

in order to further modernize the packaging, Anson has been looking for ways to eliminate the seemingly useless instructions in the packaging. One method is to adopt a patented printing technology first used by the company to produce juice packaging for Tesco supermarkets

the purpose of developing this printing technology is to avoid the surrounding food contact pollution caused by printing the instructions directly on the food packaging box, and at the same time, it can solve the inconvenience caused by putting the instructions in the box, which makes consumers unable to understand the product information

in order to solve the above problems, Anson company adopts transfer technology to print the product description on the inner wall of the packaging box

now, if the candy industry can continue to learn from the successful experience of other food industries, and dare to boldly launch traditional brand products with new packaging, the innovation of candy packaging is still promising

in the structural design of candy packaging, the company will provide more hard and durable packaging bags to gradually replace the traditional vertical packaging. This kind of packaging bag can be resealed, and it also provides an opportunity for further diversification of candy packaging. Andrew slack of Lawson mardon believes that compared with the traditional candy packaging, this new packaging form is more desirable: in addition to providing four significant surface printed brand marks, this packaging also saves shelf space because it does not need to use additional pallets. Slack also expects new materials to be put into use as soon as possible, which will make candy packaging have a better feel. At the same time, the role of printing ink will become more and more important, and the value of products will be increased by producing packaging with thermochromic effect

source: Chinese candy Culture Carnival

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