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After more than 10 years of vigorous development, PLC has become another fist product of Delta Automation after the frequency converter. In 2007, Delta PLC achieved a growth rate of nearly 40%, and launched a variety of high-performance new products, which played a great role in expanding a broader market and enhancing the influence of delta brand. In 2008, Delta PLC will continue to innovate and develop ideas, enhance the communication function of products, strengthen the promotion in the educational environment of colleges and universities, and step up the research and development of medium-sized PLC products to focus on a broader market field. In order to make the industry and users fully understand the research and development strategy, marketing measures and the latest market objectives of Delta PLC, Mr. zhangshaokun, manager of Zhongda Diantong PLC product department, was interviewed recently

high end new products complete Delta PLC product line

manager Zhang said, "In the first and second quarters of this year, the biggest breakthrough of Delta PLC product series was the introduction of many new products supporting industrial bus. In the past, Delta's automation products used to communicate through serial ports, which undoubtedly brought many inconveniences to users. Since last year, Delta's new products supporting CANbus, DeviceNet and tcp/ip network interfaces have been launched one after another. This year, delta launched the closed products of RS485 to Ethernet, CANbus and DeviceNet Products, to make up for the current control products do not support high-speed bus shortcomings, and enhance their communication functions. " It is reported that the PLC products newly launched by delta will be equipped with CANbus interface as standard in the future. Delta automation products with high-speed bus function are not only highly recognized in traditional industries such as textile and packaging, but also widely used in machine tools, buildings, HVAC and other industries

since 2007, delta automation has successively launched relatively high-performance PLC products, such as Eh2 Series High-Performance PLC with various functions such as fast response, high calculation and advanced motion control, 20pm controller that can realize simple numerical control function, and delta SV series PLC with strong network function and module expansion. The launch of these new products not only expands the application field of Delta PLC products, but also improves the brand image of delta automation. In 2008, the R & D and trial production of delta high-performance PLC continued

in the second quarter of 2008, Zhongda Diantong, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group, also introduced a high-end rail DRP series industrial switching power supply product to Chinese Mainland for sale. According to manager Zhang, this power supply product is produced by Delta's manufacturing plant in Thailand. It has high protection and overload capacity. All performance indicators can meet the needs of high-end applications. At present, it is used in medical, laser and some large mechanical equipment fields. This product has a total of 9 specifications. At present, only 2 specifications are listed in China. It is expected that all 9 specifications will be listed in the domestic market by August this year. This power supply product will also be launched together with Delta's automation products

alliance alliance Fama "goes deep" into the medium and large PLC market

Delta PLC has entered the top five in the market share in China, especially in the OEM field. However, this does not stop Delta's eyes from the immediate achievements. Expanding product series and developing a broader market will be the next key goal of Delta PLC

manager Zhang revealed that at present, the medium-sized PLC market is booming, and many industry customers have this demand; To this end, Zhongda Diantong has signed an exclusive agency agreement with Taiwan Mengli Automation Co., Ltd. for Fama sc501 series PLC. All machines cannot operate normally, and the advantage market of Mengli PLC is to prevent dust from entering the water treatment, road monitoring, hydropower and other industries with large demand for medium-sized PLC. This is also a major measure taken by Zhongda in customizing solutions for industry customers

Fama sc501 series PLC is an economical medium-sized PLC control system. Its software is compatible with modicom PLC, and its instructions, communication protocols, etc. are compatible with modicom PLC. It is widely used in water treatment, buildings, mechanical processing and other industries. It can be an independent redundant control system in application. Its structure is simple. It can complete power redundancy, communication redundancy and CPU redundancy without additional spare parts. It is a redundant system with very high cost performance Msge communication instructions of built-in Ethernet port and built-in CPU link can also be used to complete the Ethernet communication between multiple CPUs to achieve the control function or interlocking control of distributed industrial Ethernet high-speed bus

"Mengli Fama PLC is also a Taiwan PLC brand with a long history, and its products are positioned at the medium and high end. Therefore, Mengli Fama medium and large-scale PLC will complement the small and medium-sized PLC products of delta brand, and bring the greatest added value to customers. In addition, the advantageous market of delta PLC is OEM, while Mengli Fama PLC has excellent performance in the field of process control, which helps us go deep into a broader market and provide services to more customers." Manager Zhang said

at present, Mengli Fama PLC is in the stage of deep market cultivation, but manager Zhang believes that through the cooperation with Mengli, Zhongda will successfully achieve the "water test" in the medium-sized PLC market and lay a solid foundation for the promotion of the overall PLC products

provide a real "battlefield" for the new force

in order to strive for better market performance, Delta PLC has been constantly adjusting its market strategy and trying new development ideas. In 2008, Delta PLC officially put the education cooperation with colleges and universities on the agenda, and has achieved preliminary results

Manager Zhang said that at present, the laboratory cooperation agreement of Nanjing Institute of engineering, the first pilot of cooperation between Delta Automation and universities, has been signed. "We are going to establish three delta laboratories in Nanjing Institute of engineering. One is a basic laboratory for students to learn and operate automation products such as PLC, HMI and frequency converter of delta; the other is a numerical control laboratory; and the other is an industry application laboratory. At present, the planning of the first two laboratories has been completed, teaching materials are being prepared, and the positioning of the industry application laboratory is still being determined." Manager Zhang said that they will formulate corresponding learning contents according to the industries that students may actually enter after graduation, so that they can "apply what they have learned"

the educational cooperation with colleges and universities, on the one hand, is to provide students with first-class experimental conditions and engineering training environment, and strive to cultivate and hold up China's tomorrow automation sun. On the other hand, it basically does not accept plastic, so that more and more engineers and automation students can understand the charm of delta, the world's leading automation brand

"closely follow the needs of users and develop products that are most suitable for the needs of the industry" has always been the principle followed by Delta PLC. In 2008, the work of Delta PLC in this regard will also continue. Manager Zhang said that Zhongda Diantong PLC product department will set up a project management manager to deal with the special needs of industry customers, and assist the sales and R & D departments to get close to the market and develop customers. At present, one of the projects being implemented is to use the newly launched 20pm controller that can realize simple numerical control functions for high-speed winding machines. The pulse speed of this controller can exceed 500kb/s. By writing the winding machine function into the PLC bottom program, it can be used as a special control machine for high-speed winding machine

in 2008, in order to better serve customers and provide technical support to dealers, Zhongda Diantong PLC product department launched another important measure, which is regular dealer training. It is expected that by the end of this year, more than 200 qualified PLC application engineers will be trained for dealers. After that, some large end-users will also be included in the training plan

in the application field, at present, the OEM field is still the main application market of Delta PLC, but at the same time, Zhongda Diantong has also opened up some markets outside the OEM field, such as stereoscopic garage, car washing machine, medical treatment, railway, as well as industries such as energy, environmental protection and safety monitoring, which are increasingly valued, to strive to serve more industry customers

in 2008, Delta will increase the proportion of high-end PLC products in the overall sales, and further enhance the brand value of delta automation products. It is believed that under the guidance of new development ideas and market strategies, Delta PLC will perfectly achieve the set goals this year, give play to the advantages of Delta PLC in being close to customers and high cost performance, and achieve greater market achievements

about Delta Electronics Group

Delta Electronics Group was founded in 1971. It can make corresponding experimental plans according to different standards. It is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has production and sales bases and technology research and development centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. As the world's largest supplier of power management systems and a leader in industrial automation, Delta Electronics Group is also the world's leading supplier of displays, electronic components and networking products. In 2008, the group's revenue is expected to reach US $5.8 billion (about RMB 40 billion). In the field of industrial automation, with its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, Delta has continuously expanded its product line since it began to produce frequency converters in 1995. So far, it has a complete series of advanced and reliable automation products in three categories: drive, control and motion, and is promoting the continuous progress of world automation technology with infinite innovation

about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai and has 35 branches and service points in the mainland. It is a subsidiary of the international multinational giant Delta Electronics Group. Inheriting the high-quality aura of the parent company, Zhongda Diantong is committed to the perfect combination of energy-efficient technology and application engineering, providing integrated integration solutions, and creating competitive advantages with customers. In the field of industrial automation, with high-quality products, in-depth understanding of the industry process, Zhongda Diantong provides customized integration solutions and global joint insurance services, which are well known for the vast number of customers in the industry, including textile, machine tool, printing, packaging, building, machinery and other industries

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