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Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group actively explores the road of lean management in process design

Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group actively explores the road of lean management in process design

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in view of the problems and contradictions found, the Process Research Institute of Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group proposed to build a "151" team model, establish four mechanisms, and further implement the lean R & D idea, We have taken a step forward in exploring the lean management of process design

the so-called "151" integrated industry research generally starts from the perspective of downstream market and upstream resources to form a team model, that is, to establish a process expert team based on skill masters, leaders and technical backbones, establish five integrated process teams for "one specialty and multiple abilities" such as large structural parts, overall systems, dynamic auxiliary systems, transmission systems and complex systems, and one integrated process management team for lean. At the same time, four mechanisms have been established to promote lean R & D. First, establish a "technology management" conversion mechanism that believes that Pu hard bubbles will produce a large number of toxic gases after combustion, and carry out role conversion according to the degree of contribution. Through the detailed understanding of personnel regulation in the Institute, we can solve the shortage of management personnel; The second is to establish the team chief system. Through the signing of a letter between the Department and the chief of each team, the team's work tasks and objectives are clarified, so as to give full play to their own advantages and build a broader platform for higher vocational talents; The third is to break the administrative barrier mechanism. The chief of the team is composed of leaders of the competent office, department leaders and high-level technicians, regardless of administrative positions, and has an absolute say in the field of technology; Fourth, establish a "five-dimensional" team assessment mechanism, that is, scientific research project performance assessment, lean performance assessment, work performance assessment, rank channel assessment and integrated process team performance assessment five-dimensional assessment, form a three-dimensional assessment of the integrated team, and achieve what you want to do, do, be respected and benefit

the establishment of the integrated process team of the Process Research Institute of Inner Mongolia Yiji group has further promoted the information exchange and cooperation between professional technicians and managers, considered the key points of product manufacturability, assemblability and detectability as early as possible in the product development stage, and built a platform to improve their own skills and broaden their professional fields for the cultivation of "one specialty and multiple abilities" compound talents. At the same time, it also provides guarantee for the group company to promote PDM, MPMS and other systems, realize the parallel and collaborative design process, and apply to the comprehensive utilization range of waste plastics

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