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The "innovation and Technology Museum" of the ICIF creates a "green" future

lightweight fuel cell bicycles, smart home blinds, hybrid vehicles... A dizzying array of new products that are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. On November 4, we entered the "innovation and Technology Museum" of the 2008 China International Industrial Expo, and each innovation achievement that takes energy conservation, emission reduction, and healthy ecology as its own responsibility jointly outlines a happy and beautiful "green" future

new industrial robot developed by Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd.

Shanghai panye future Bayer's intellectual property partner in polyurethane pipe insulation believes that the development of technology will focus on two major trends. The fuel cell bicycle developed by Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

power generation intelligent Station Pavilion is eye-catching

"No. 210, the direction is new Zhabei Road, Zhabei Park congestion changes the angle θ, The journey is about 50 minutes. No. 916, the direction of people's Square, Tibet road is congested, and the journey takes about 30 minutes. There is a sudden failure of Rail Transit Line 2, and the passenger flow in the station is overstocked. Please arrange your journey reasonably. " Shanghai Transportation Investment Information Technology Co., Ltd. brought the special exhibit of this Industrial Expo - the bus stop booth of Zhabei Park Station on simulated No. 210 road. This photovoltaic power generation smart station kiosk, which has just been tried out at individual stations on route 210, has a roll of more than 30 bags that are particularly eye-catching: there is a solar collector on the top of the station kiosk, and all LED displays and other TV screens in the station kiosk are lit by it; The screen scrolls to broadcast the road and vehicle conditions of all bus lines and surrounding rail transit in the station

it is reported that this latest demonstration project of public transport information system is currently in the first stage of trial operation. If it can be further promoted, the idea of directly "changing the license plate" for vehicles can be realized in the next stage: the same bus company, line a is not enough, and most of the vehicles on line B are empty. Immediately notify the backstage dispatching center to make subtitles of line a for the next bus on line B

digital products help you see a doctor and choose drugs

in the center of the exhibition area, a health channel through history inquiry, diagnosis and treatment and drug supervision has also attracted many "eyeballs". Take a "health key" with you. No matter which hospital the patient goes to, the health files and medical history records recorded in the USB flash disk will be known by the doctor as soon as he connects the computer, saving money and time; With electronic labels, boxes of drugs immediately become "eloquent". It will take the initiative to report the whereabouts of every link from production to circulation. It is understood that the Shanghai food and drug administration is working with relevant pharmaceutical factories, pharmacies and hospitals to install an "automatic locator" for the first six commonly used drugs

thermal products make you feel warm and at ease

nano semiconductor materials are energy-saving "good handle" that is warm in winter and cool in summer. It has a barrier rate of more than 75% to the infrared light area in the solar spectrum. It can cool down in summer to winter and maintain room temperature, and the luminous transmittance is as high as 70%. Painting outside automotive glass and architectural glass does not affect daylighting. Developed by the advanced coating engineering research center of the Ministry of education of Fudan University, the "armor transparent and heat-insulating glass coating" was also unveiled in the central exhibition area of Shanghai Minsheng science and technology. It is also a special project of Expo science and technology

innovative achievements oriented to people's livelihood have enabled many enterprises to find a broader market in the ICIF. Their common pursuit is to "establish themselves with technology". At the same time, the science and Technology Service Department of the exhibition also set up a platform for enterprises to exchange and cooperate. Shanghai high tech Achievements Transformation Service Center LED 11 transformation projects to participate in the exhibition, and set up a special policy consultation area to receive on-site consultations from enterprises every day; Shanghai Technology Exchange selects potential participants from participating enterprises and helps them realize technology transfer and trading through its "innovation station"

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