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The inner wall coating of the gas packaging container

the gas packaging container must meet the national pressure container quality standard, and pay more attention to the quality requirements of the internal surface, which is the biggest feature of the gas packaging container

the quality of this packaging container can directly affect the adjustment and detection technology of aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, military, chemical and other industrial products and instruments. With the opening of parallel interface and serial interface, the scientific and technological level continues to improve, especially in this case. 1. The gap is relatively large. The industry puts forward higher requirements for gas quality, so it puts forward more and more strict requirements for the inner surface of gas packaging containers. As we all know, packaging containers have a great impact on the quality of stored gas, such as corrosion on the inner surface of packaging containers, generation and adsorption of salt compounds, chemical changes caused by water, etc. in order to ensure the quality of stored gas, special treatment should be carried out on the inner surface of gas packaging containers

at present, the following treatment methods are mostly used at home and abroad: packaging containers such as aluminum molybdenum steel or aluminum alloy steel and carbon fiber composite materials are used, that is, material improvements. The inner surface of the packaging container is coated with metal film and organic matter. The aluminum alloy container also adopts special treatment technologies such as spectral sealing and electrolytic polishing. The container is pretreated by filling the gas to be filled or oxidizing gas, and the container is phosphated after shot blasting and sand blasting. After the above technical treatment, the gas purity and the concentration of gas components can be guaranteed to be stable. It must be mentioned here that the organic coating technology and metal coating technology on the inner surface of gas packaging containers of the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of sciences have reached the international advanced level of the same kind. The following is a brief introduction to these two technologies

I. organic coating technology on the inner surface of the container

this treatment is relatively due to the advanced treatment technology of packaging gas containers if the change-over switch is turned to the fast reverse gear, and its process flow is as follows:

1. Oil and water removal

2. Sand blasting

3. phosphating or primer

4. organic coating

5. Plasticization

6. test

II. Metal coating technology on the inner surface of containers

at present, an advanced surface covering technology is mostly used at home and abroad, and its process procedure is as follows:

1. Oil removal

2. sand blasting and mechanical polishing

3. chemical coating

4. Post treatment such as cleaning and drying

5. test

organic coating and metal coating on the inner surface of gas packaging containers are the main methods to deal with the inner surface of gas packaging containers at home and abroad. They are highly reliable. They actively promote visual plastic packaging films that have more cost advantages than carton packaging, especially for the filling of high-purity gas, mixed gas and standard gas. They are now widely used in the packaging of high-purity gas (10-6v/V), electronic gas, standard gas, medical oxygen, etc, The container has stable performance and has become a special container for special gases

the Institute of metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has tested the gas packaging containers with organic fluorine resin as the internal surface coating. The physical and chemical properties are stable, hydrophobic, corrosion resistant, chemically inert, pinhole free, and the coating surface is smooth. The component concentration or purity of AsH3/N2, SiH2Cl2, B2H6/N2, SiH4/N2, H2S, SiH4, Cl2, BCl3 and other mixtures and pure gases stored can remain stable for a long time. High pressure gas packaging containers coated with organic resin have become special packaging containers for N2, H2, AR, he, CH4 and other gases

the performance test of the gas packaging container with metal coating shows that its physical and chemical properties are stable, and the purity and component concentration of the stored gas have not changed (test results with chromatograph), which is applicable to 50ppm (50 × Storage of standard gas with low concentration below v/V)

gas packaging containers are an integral part of the packaging industry. With the development of aerospace, military, electronics, optical fiber, semiconductor, chemical industry and other industries, new special treatment technologies for gas packaging containers are constantly developed to continuously adapt to the new development of modern industry

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