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Vietnam develops wood industry into a national leading industry

Vietnam hopes to develop wood industry into a national leading industry. Nevertheless, Vietnam resolutely does not accept illegal business activities, and the timber used in the timber industry needs to be legal timber. This is the affirmation of he Gongjun, Deputy Minister of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam, at the meeting on exporting hardwood to Southeast Asia held by the American Hardwood Export Commission (AHEC) in Hanoi on June 25

Ruan Sunquan, Secretary General of Vietnam timber and forest products industry association, said that over the years, the export volume of Vietnam's wood products and forest products has increased by%. In 2018, the export volume reached about US $9.4 billion. Vietnamese wood products are exported to 120 countries and regions in the world

for the United States, this is one of the most important markets for Vietnam's wood processing and forest products industry. In 2018, Vietnam's timber exports to the United States and forest products that can meet the needs of different customers accounted for about 42% of the total exports. In the first few months of 2019, it is about 45%

vice minister he Gongjun said that not only is it the main export market, the United States is also the largest supplier of wood materials in Vietnam. The wood materials provided by the United States ensure legal sources and can be divided into wedge-shaped clamps (referring to the clamps with inclined locking principle structure), counter clamp clamps (referring to the clamps with single-sided or double-sided rib top locking principle structure), winding clamps (referring to the clamps with samples locked by winding), eccentric clamps (referring to the clamps with eccentric locking principle structure), lever clamps (referring to the clamps with lever force amplification principle structure) Shoulder type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the shoulder sample), bolt type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the rib strength test of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) 90 stripping fixture (it refers to the origin of the product that can be traced by the vertical fixture applied to two samples. The United States is the most important export market for Vietnam's wood processing industry. The two sides will cooperate and help each other, achieve mutual benefit and seek common development. Enterprises and the government work together to control the production process, so as to ensure the transparency and safety of Vietnam's wood processing industry in economic, environmental and social aspects.

Luo, agricultural counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, reported that Bert Hansen said that the United States Hardwood exports to Vietnam account for 77% of total exports to Southeast Asia. Vietnam has become the largest hardwood importer of the United States in the region

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He recognized that the entry into force of Vietnam's forestry law and the voluntary partnership agreement on forest law enforcement, governance and trade between Vietnam and the EU (vpa/FLEGT) would help to ensure the legitimacy and sustainability of Vietnam's wood products, and believed that Vietnam would give priority to importing wood materials from suppliers with sustainable development and legitimacy

at the meeting, the Vietnam wood and forest products industry association and the American Hardwood Export committee introduced the classification methods and applications of American wood to various enterprises, aiming to help designers, processing enterprises and import enterprises improve their understanding of hardwood. This is also a great opportunity for enterprises of the two countries to exchange and seek business opportunities for cooperation

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